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As an Automation Expert I can automate almost everything in your computer that you can do manually.

I have been using WinAutomation for last 4 years and I have created 200+ script using WinAutoamtion.

List of task can be automated using WinAutoamation are listed below.

Automation Bots:
>> If you're online extensively for business, you already know that using the Internet manually is a very time consuming (expensive) activity. I can automate most Internet tasks to both save time and reduce error.

Business process automation:
>> Automate common processes such as report generation, inventory management, sales order processing, invoice processing, data entry, and email automation

IT automation:
>> Automate batch processing, database and service monitoring, cache cleanups, system integration, FTP download and backup, and more

Data extraction and migration:
>> Perform tasks like grabbing data from the web, pulling data from tables, transferring data from web to database, and migrating data

Daily tasks:
>> Automate daily tasks such as form filling, downloads, Excel actions, email functions, data transfers, and testing on autopilot.

Note: If you WinAutomation's functions is not capable to complete your project then I can use other programming language like Java, PHP, Selenium WebDriver, etc. to automate your task.

Just let me know your requirements, I will review and let you know the best solution with fair cost.

Mostly I am online on Skype and Google Hangouts, there we can discuss more about your project in a faster way if you are interested.

Looking forward to automate your task.


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Business Process AutomationData MiningSeleniumSelenium WebDriverSystem AutomationWeb ScrapingWinautomation Scripting

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