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Hire UiPath Developers for Your Business Process

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) has become indispensable in modern business as it helps to simplify complex, repetitive tasks by automating them. Automation frees workers from their ordinary tasks so that they can spend their time on other more important activities that will help their companies to achieve their objectives. This automation process will only be successful if you implement the right RPA tools.

UiPath is undoubtedly one of the most reliable and effective RPA tools in the market. According to Forrester, UiPath is the leading RPA tool, with impressive scores in policy and market manifestation. If you want to automate repetitive, mundane jobs in your company, consider implementing the UiPath program.

Since the implementation of UiPath involves several complex processes, you need to hire experienced UiPath developers to automate your business processes. Fortunately, you can now find highly qualified and experienced UiPath programmers from around the globe, thanks to Guru–the leading freelance job site that recruits the most competent developers from every corner of the globe.

What Does a UiPath Developer Do?

A UiPath developer is responsible for various critical RPA jobs, including designing, developing, and deploying RPA solutions for clients. A UiPath specialist accomplishes these responsibilities by configuring successful RPA processes and building efficient workflows for improved productivity in your business.

RPA developers are tasked with designing and managing workflow optimization functions in business processes. So, freelance developers must collaborate with other specialists in the organization, including business analysts and business operations specialists to make the automation process effective. So, before you begin the process of hiring UiPath developers for your project, make sure they have the most essential skills to successfully implement UiPath solutions for your company.

To fully appreciate the importance of hiring UiPath programmers and their roles in your company, you must understand the RPA process's main stages. The RPA life cycle involves four main stages: identifying the process to be automated, designing the automation process, testing the bot for efficiency, and deploying the bot.

With these phases in mind, you must ensure that the freelance developers you hire for your project have the skills and competencies to have a successful RPA life cycle.

Essential Skills to Consider When Hiring UiPath Developers

First, your freelance UiPath developers must be aware of your project’s requirements and standards so that they can design and develop the RPA business process accordingly. Here are the most essential skills that your freelance UiPath developers should possess before you hire them for your jobs:

Basic Workflow Expertise

To design and develop effective RPA solutions for your business, your developers must have basic workflow automation skills. For instance, your developers must be proficient in decision diamonds, decision tables, UML diagrams, BPMN notations, decision trees, and state machines among other workflow skills.

The developers will need these UiPath development skills to develop and test all the necessary paths for your company’s robotic workflows. Freelance developers will develop a Process Definition Document (PDD) to define every step and create a flowchart that shows the comprehensive sequence. Proficiency in documentation is vital for communicating the RPA designs to other members of the automation team.

Data Analytics Skills

Phase two of the RPA life cycle involves data integration because your bot will use information from all your relational databases. Your RPA bots will access this data through SQL queries. Therefore, your developers for UiPath must be proficient in SQL. Additionally, your UiPath developers will use their data analytics skills to turn complex data sets into a set of specific rules for the RPA process. During RPA developer interviews, you should ask each freelancer what their experience level is using these tools. A UiPath RPA developer also needs the talent and intellectual ability to interpret the data.

UiPath Knowledge

It goes without saying that your UiPath developers must have in-depth knowledge of the UiPath platform. Each certified UiPath developer should be familiar with all the processes, features, and tools offered by the platform to enable them to develop effective RPA robots. This platform offers an out-of-the-box, low code, drag-and-drop functionality that simplifies the process of developing useful RPA bots.

Still, your UiPath automation developers must be aware of these functionalities and how to leverage them to give you the best solutions. With these functionalities, your freelance developers can rapidly automate complex, repetitive tasks in your company without complex coding. Remote developers can now take advantage of the various online UiPath courses to familiarize themselves with the platform and even get the necessary certifications to become professional developers.

Testing, Restoring, and Updating Skills

A good UiPath developer should have extensive experience in testing, debugging, and updating complex RPA bots. An RPA developer will need exceptional problem-solving abilities to discover bugs, fix the bugs, and run all the necessary tests. Without these UiPath skills, it’ll be very difficult for your developers to discover bugs, even within the script, workflow design, and code.

Your freelance developers must be able to determine the tests that should be done and the frequency of performing them. This requires exceptional proficiency and knowledge of the most effective testing and debugging solutions. A good freelance UiPath developer must know why the internal system updates are done and how they’ll affect your RPA bots. Furthermore, UiPath freelance developers should be aware of the changes that need to be made in reaction to the updates.

Coding and Development Skills

Although UiPath is a low-code and quite a straightforward platform, your freelance developers are supposed to analyze its tools and functionality to be able to develop effective RPA robots. Therefore, your developers for UiPath should have basic coding skills. UiPath implementation is becoming complex daily, with more innovative tools requiring advanced coding skills.

Because your developers are required to develop workflows to enable users to search for elements on dynamic web pages powered by Javascript, they need to be familiar with the web page’s source code, especially the HTML code and its tree structure. Therefore, you should choose developers with basic web development skills to complete your UiPath projects.

For instance, they should understand the Document Object Model HTML, HTML tags, JavaScript, and PHP. Familiarity with Python is necessary for writing custom code and enabling your freelance developers to access libraries that make bots more effective in performing complex functions, especially those that involve numerical information.

Business Automation and Operation Management Skills

Your developers must be familiar with your company’s business operations to determine how the RPA project will benefit them. The UiPath RPA developers collaborate with other team members to help your company achieve its objectives.

Hiring Developers for UiPath 

Lastly, hiring the right UiPath developers is now easy thanks to Guru, which has a long list of highly qualified and experienced freelance UiPath developers ready to take on your project and deliver impressive results. Hiring a certified UiPath developer is quick and simple. To find a UiPath developer, you can post a RPA UiPath development job or browse the profiles of hundreds of freelance developers on the platform. When you hire UiPath developers, you need to ensure that they have the skill level, talent, and qualifications necessary to automate your business process. You should interview each developer before making a hiring decision. Once you find the right developer, you can move forward with the hiring process and get started on your UiPath projects.


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