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What Does UiPath Do?

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Businesses hire UiPath developers for a variety of projects based on robotic process automation, or RPA, as one of the most advanced and reliable ways to automate manual tasks. 

For example, marketers can use RPA for web-scraping projects, leaving the automation to manage these time-consuming activities while they focus their expertise elsewhere.

If you’re interested in the applications of RPA UiPath for small businesses, we’ve outlined some of the capabilities that can make a huge difference to admin time, productivity, and, ultimately, business profits.

What Is RPA UiPath?

UiPath is a tool used for RPA which can introduce accelerated automation. We’ll run through some use cases shortly, but the premise is that any business that performs routine operations, such as combining two spreadsheets, reduces the time invested in manual, low-skill tasks.

Automation is a significant trend in almost every sector. Businesses use technological advancements to reduce errors that are an inevitable by-product of manual data processing or entry, improve productivity by freeing up valuable time, and reduce operating costs by using affordable tech to take over straightforward assignments.

Where smaller companies, or those without in-house RPA expertise, want to introduce UiPath to their processes, a freelancer offers outstanding efficiency, providing skilled expertise to implement, test and monitor automation without putting a strain on business finances.

What Can UiPath Be Used For?

UiPath brings advantages to many fields and can be integrated with varied functions within the same organization.

Sales and Marketing

Companies can use automation to:

  • Raise repeat invoices based on accounting system data
  • Update client account details with invoices issued to prepare automated statements
  • Add logs to CRM systems, such as calls made, emails sent and received, or updates to contact information

Banking and Finance

RPA bots are widely used in the banking industry, primarily in the ‘know your customer’ approach, which is a mandatory requirement for identity verification and to ensure financial institutions comply with regulations around information security.

In this industry, RPA bots and UiPath can:

  • Automate proportions of the KYC verification process or refer log-in or access attempts to a team member where the authentication does not meet minimum requirements
  • Confirm pre-approved loans or applications or even automate lending decisions, followed by issuing paperwork and other documentation
  • Execute financial trades and exchanges, with the capacity to manage complex orders such as limit orders on investment transactions

Healthcare Treatments and Communications

Healthcare providers, insurers, and clinicians use UiPath and other RPA tools to minimize administration and ensure they have the time to support larger patient numbers through:

  • Appointment scheduling, automatically slotting requests and requirements into calendars and providing immediate responses to inquiries made
  • Raising financial statements or matching insurance information to a client account, treatment plan, or diagnosis
  • Cross-checking and collating information from third-party analytics to improve reliability while adhering to confidentiality legislation

How Can UiPath Benefit Businesses?

Many of the above applications are based on large-scale rollouts, but UiPath is equally useful for small and medium-sized businesses, with speedy deployment and user-friendly accessibility. Smaller companies that rely on junior staff to produce reports can automate the task, reducing a manual job that may take several hours per week into split-second automation.

These uses can reduce payroll costs, help staff focus on more complex workflows, and provide expedited reporting to managers and decision-makers with extremely high levels of accuracy.

Another excellent advantage is that RPA operates 24/7–it doesn’t get tired, exhaust its capacity, or need to take a break, and it can continue to automate processes over the long term. However, one of the primary reasons to consider UiPath for your business is that automation can take over some of the most time-consuming, laborious, and repetitive tasks that sap enthusiasm and create pressure on workforces to perform low-skill jobs.

Is UiPath a Safe and Secure Business Application?

UiPath is programmed and trained to perform specific functions and remains within its remit once integrated correctly by an RPA specialist. This safeguard assures businesses that automation cannot retrieve data from other sources or leak data outside the confines of the tasks it is trained to perform.

As a cost-effective solution, RPA has low operating costs. Hiring a freelance UiPath advisor can be an affordable way to introduce automation to ensure IT resources are used efficiently.

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