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Hiring Remote Blue Prism Developers for Your Automation Jobs

In this fast-moving world, automation has become a necessity. Businesses need to automate parts of their processes and systems to ensure that operations are never interrupted. Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is a methodology in which robots perform routine tasks following a designed method without the need for human intervention, thus reducing the manual workforce and completing jobs with greater efficiency. It doesn’t actually involve actual robots doing the work; instead, it uses software tools and vendors to create libraries and runtime environments that allow for automated jobs.

Blue Prism is a pioneer RPA platform that has helped many small, medium, and large enterprises stay competitive, accelerate growth, exceed customer expectations, and scale effectively through RPA, intelligent automation, and business process management. 

While the Blue Prism development platform is designed to be easy to use, the best way to maximize its tools and features is to hire a Blue Prism developer. This remote professional is trained and certified in the use of Blue Prism, and can best provide solutions that complement your business’s unique development needs.

What Is Blue Prism?

Blue Prism is an RPA software that enables businesses to automate end-to-end procedures and complement traditional information technology (IT) solutions. Blue Prism automation is used to computerize processes that humans would otherwise perform manually and simplify complicated IT systems, enabling businesses to operate with less investment and faster deployment.

Blue Prism can aid businesses in several departments. Some ways that process automation can help include:

  • Optimizing finance and accounting (e.g. purchase orders and invoices)

  • Automating sales order processing

  • Effective communications mining

  • Increasing human resources efficiency and enhancing the employee experience

  • Building efficient, accurate, and speedy processes in logistics, supply chain management, and operations departments

  • Improving employee onboarding procedures

  • Automating customer service tasks

What Is a Blue Prism Developer?

A Blue Prism developer is simply a web designer, developer, or architect that’s adept in the Blue Prism software. Programmers are trained and certified in the platform’s use and work cross-functionally with operations and business analysts to create and optimize automated workflows, thus delivering the best automation solutions for their clients. Hiring a remote Prism RPA developer can be a valuable investment for your business.

Blue Prism Developer Job: What Does a Developer for Blue Prism Do?

A Blue Prism developer is responsible for building and configuring efficient, well-structured, and sustainable automated processes and objects using the software’s tools. Remote Blue Prism developer jobs can vary. But the primary role of a software developer is to design libraries, rules, and runtime environments that robots can carry out to complete operational tasks without human intervention.

Here’s a list of the common tasks remote Blue Prism developers are expected to accomplish:

  • Prioritize process candidates for automation and develop new solutions

  • Build and configure automation processes and objects following Blue Prism workflows and principles

  • Perform code optimization

  • Work on database design

  • Fix broken automation processes

  • Integrate existing services and applications

  • Create and document test procedures and scenarios for automation phases

  • Solve issues that arise in the running of Blue Prism processes and document solutions

  • Support operational teams during the roll-out of designed automation processes

  • Work with operations and business analysts to build the most efficient systems

How Much Does It Cost to Hire a Blue Prism Developer?

The cost to work with a Blue Prism developer varies, and the rate depends on factors such as the developer’s training, experience, and expertise. You can hire starting or junior Blue Prism developers for salaries at as little as $15 an hour, though unless you’re hiring them from a trusted source, it’s best to avoid these low salary figures. The average Prism developer will charge between $35 to $45 per hour, but more senior and experienced professionals can cost up to over $75 an hour. With such a wide range of salaries, you are sure to find a programmer that fits in your budget.

What to Look for When Hiring a Blue Prism Developer

When hiring a Blue Prism developer, it’s important to consider their skills and experience, on top of their knowledge of the Blue Prism software. Here’s what to look for when finding the right Blue Prism developer for your business or project:

Understanding of Blue Prism and Software Delivery Methodologies

Blue Prism developers should be experts in software delivery methodologies, particularly in the Blue Prism platform. They should be familiar with RPA and how to effectively use related tools to efficiently optimize business processes. The best remote Blue Prism developers have taken training courses on the software and have the certification to back up their technical foundation.

End-User Computer and Programmer Skills

Find a Blue Prism developer who has solid end-user computer skills. The basics, such as intermediate spreadsheet use, will set them up for more complicated tasks and allow them to be better adept in the use of RPA tools.

Analytics and Strategic Skills

A good Blue Prism developer will be able to strategically plan tasks, set goals, and take initiative for their RPA projects. They should have the ability to analyze processes and offer recommendations for their improvement or repair. They must know how to provide solutions and implement them as efficiently as possible.

Blue Prism Development Troubleshooting Expertise

Running automation processes may run into some challenges, and it’s crucial that your Blue Prism developer can expertly solve these problems as they arise, analyzing and resolving them quickly and providing documented solutions to ensure that they don’t happen again.

Proficiency in Blue Prism and Programming Languages

While Blue Prism doesn’t necessarily require proficiency in programming languages, understanding the likes of Python, Ruby, and Java, among others, offers a significant advantage for a developer. They’ll be able to better solve code-related bugs and give a higher level of implementation.

Hire Freelance Blue Prism Developers on Guru

To hire the best Blue Prism developer for your business, it’s key to source them from trusted platforms. Guru is home to professional Blue Prism developers who have been vetted by the platform. It allows business owners and managers to find quality candidates for RPA jobs. Once you have posted a remote developer job, you can browse Prism development experts and find the right remote programmer for your job.

The best part about hiring on Guru is that you can manage your entire hiring and job process right on the site. You can create a job post or search for your ideal hire and employ them in just a few clicks. Then, you can oversee their work and make payments without leaving the platform.

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