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  • Analysis
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  • Data Analysis
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  • Excel
  • Financial Research
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  • Data Analysis and consulting

    $30/hr Starting at $100

    I am good with numbers, have a lot of experience of analyzing large volumes of data and interpreting them for business. I can work extensively with excel, use data analysis software such as R and can...

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I aim to be accurate, prompt and thorough in my work. I am doing this to create an independent work stream where I am my boss and take all the responsibility, blame and praise for my work.

I have about 9 years of experience in areas of technology, consulting and data analysis. I have completed a 4 years course in engineering from a very prestigious college and a 2 year MBA from another prestigious college. Both of my colleges are known for having toughest entrance exams and rigorous work ethic.

As a consultant, I have worked in multiple companies and been exposed to a wide variety of work cultures across continents. My sectors of work include, insurance, technology, telecommunication, retail, finance and mortgage.

I have always been curious by nature and like exploring and understanding things around me. I love reading and understanding new things. I have always sought to understand the world around me, identify patterns and key themes in chaos and get exposed to as many different things as possible.

Work Terms

Usually, I work afternoons and late nights as I am not a morning person but I am, and have been as a consultant, flexible with my timing.

I am comfortable communicating through phone, using email/instant message or meeting in person. I would, though suggest, email as the best way to communicate about professional matters. Writing our thoughts down compels us to be clear and specific about them. it also helps ensure that the other person has enough time to assimilate the information and ask relevant questions.

For confidence building and creating a mutual understanding, face to face, followed by telephone conversation, is the best. But for data heavy information, project related information, specific analysis, written communication is the best.

I would prefer to be paid through the common methods used at but, obviously, cash in hand is the best. I prefer to be paid in installments as per the milestones reached for the project.

I can do fixed cost projects as well but we need to be very clear about the objective, scope and required outcome of the project.