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  • Logos & Identity Packages

    $12/hr Starting at $25

    Creating logos is one of the most challenging aspects of design. It is one of the most seen, remembered, and quickest form of advertisement for any company or organization. The key to a great logo is...

    3d3D ModelingCustomer ServiceDesignGraphics
  • Brochures

    $12/hr Starting at $25

    Brochures are great for getting a lot of good information to a party or passers by in a simple fashion. Tri-fold, multiple fold, or even simple bi-fold brochures can be done quickly and look great. With...

    3d3D ModelingCustomer ServiceDesignGraphics
  • PowerPoint Presentations

    $12/hr Starting at $25

    Having done many presentations myself I know the importance of having a great and memorable PowerPoint to get your "Point" across. Using timings, slide transitions, and stunning graphics to make the presentations...

    3d3D ModelingCustomer ServiceDesignGraphics
  • Direct Mail Pieces

    $12/hr Starting at $25

    Direct Mail Pieces can be very challenging to design create and deliver, but can reach those potential customers/clients that would otherwise pass by or glance at a regular add and just keep on going...

    3D ModelingDesignDirect Mail PiecesGraphicsModeling
  • Layout & Desktop Publishing

    $12/hr Starting at $25

    Whether its laying out a flyer or editing and getting a book ready for print using industry standards I can bring your idea to life on paper, or on the web.

    3d3D ModelingCustomer ServiceDesignGraphics
  • 3D Models

    $20/hr Starting at $25

    I have been working with 3D Studio for 15 years. I strive to make scenes and models that resemble the real world items. I am continually practicing, and improving my skills, and upgrading my systems...

    3d3D Modeling3d ModelsAdobe PhotoshopAdobe Premiere Pro

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Keep moving Forward, Get 'r' done.

My strengths are my many abilities, and experiences that allow me to pull from a well of knowledge that lets me tackle any task that I put my heart and soul into. I have worked with my uncle since six, he was born in the early 1930's and was a veteran, he passed on a lot of knowledge gained while on the farm, while enlisted, repairing equipment, welding, construction, but most importantly working hard, critical thinking, finding solutions, and treating people with dignity and respect. My schooling provided me an expiation of the above skills, even in early years I was very fond of computers and tech, later most of my elected credits where focused in the computer/networking fields. My work and project experience ranges from laborer, customer service, computer repair, computer aided drafting, 3D modeler, mechanic, and welder. I also have the ability to quickly disassemble/construct objects or processes in 3D with my mind, allowing me to model them in studio easily.

My equipment consists of two windows desktop workstations, a windows rack-mount file server, a MAC mini workstation, a windows tablet/laptop, and a windows phone. Giving me the ability to work on just about any platform and from almost anywhere. My file server allows me to gain access to my files from any device, giving you the reassurance that getting your finished product to you will not be a problem.

Work Terms

I prefer to conduct all business by email. However when needed I am willing to accept phone or VOIP calls and the occasional Video chat or face to face meeting. However travel distance will be considered. My availability is mainly the Friday through Sunday, although if necessary I can be reached evenings after six p.m. PST.

My work ethics are based on the Army core values due to my civilian work for the Department of Defense for the last seven years, these are: Loyalty, Duty, Respect, Selfless Service, Honor, Integrity and Personal Courage. I also strive to be efficient, timely, and encouraging to those I interact with.

If the design presented does not meet the customers standards it will be corrected free of charge and in a timely manner. Any accepted design that needs to be reworked or updated will be at 10% less on original terms.

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