Adelina Vasile

Bucharest, Bucuresti, Romania

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Adelina Vasile

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Hello there!

I’m Adelina, I’m 26, and I am a journalism graduate located in Europe, Romania. Writing is my life story.

I used to talk A LOT even before I knew how to write. I always found it easy to put thoughts on paper (even though I had this habit to dislike what I was writing, every time I finished – who said perfectionism is a bad thing?)…

In my first grade, I was writing letters to my grandparents every Christmas. My older sister would have filled the trash bin with tossed papers. Me, on the other hand, I was nailing it from the first try. (My father was horrified to discover my spelling and grammar mistakes, but I was confident that my grandparents are peasants and they can’t tell my mistakes…)

Years later, I went to a mathematics-informatics high school profile, where I had the luck to meet the most wonderful literature teacher in the world. I ended up going to the national Olympics, twice. And from there, the road to a Journalism faculty was paved with lots and lots of essays, and literature contests.

I started to write (for money) in my second year of faculty and after graduation, I moved to Bucharest and started a fresh life as a… sheep in a big city. But I was a sheep that could write and so my first “serious” job was for an online marketing startup company, where I have learned things I didn’t even know they exist.

After all, content writing is what I know to do best. And when you’re good at something, it kind of gives you the motivation to carry on, break new barriers, and learn that you can get even better.

I also like about writing that I get to learn new things. I prefer more meaningful projects, where I get to document myself, exercise my pen, and learn things not just regarding the topic I write on, but about the writing itself. Finally yet importantly, I like writing because I see it as an extension of the web and I love the web. Everything on the web is content and content is… well, the web.

Shall we add a new page to the web, together?

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