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  • Analytics
  • Batch Scripting
  • Clinical Research
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Collection
  • Data Management
  • Python
  • Research
  • Selenium
  • Web Scraping


  • Data analysis, Data / Web scraping

    $7/hr Starting at $25

    Utilizing python for: - Data analysis: including data wrangling, i.e. data gathering, assessment, cleaning, analyzing & visualizing data using libraries like numpy and pandas. - Web scrapping: utilizing...

    AnalyticsBatch ScriptingClinical ResearchData AnalysisData Collection


To provide quality data analysis and related services, that satisfies clients' needs and my inclination towards perfection. My work is "Neat & Functional"

I am a practicing medical doctor, experienced python programmer, and an IoT hobbyist.
As a doctor, I currently work as a dermatology, venereology and andrology resident.

Regarding python programming, I am especially interested in these fields:
- Data analysis: including data wrangling (data gathering, assessment, cleaning), analyzing & visualizing data using libraries like numpy and pandas, and matplotlib.
- Web scrapping: utilizing libraries like requests, beautifulsoap, selenium, etc.
Supports exporting data into excel .xls, .csv, .tsv, .txt, ..
- Task automation: like batch renaming files

I can provide additional add-on services like:
- Format output into neat and organized excel tables.
- Provide analyses, visualizations and insights into the provided data (contact first for details), the price and duration depends on data nature & volume.

For the IoT part, I'm focused mainly on Arduino, and Wi-Fi-enabled Arduino boards like esp8266.
I can hookup the board to MQTT servers like Adafruit IO cloud service.

Work Terms

Please contact first before ordering a service.

Prefers fixed-rate for agreed upon jobs, and hourly rate for extra customizations.
For fixed-rate jobs: I prefer half of the payment in advance, and the other half upon delivery.

For bigger projects, negotiable sums at:
- the start of the project
- with each deliverable / mile-stone
- at the end of the project

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