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  • Analytics
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • Matplotlib
  • Python
  • Python Numpy
  • Seaborn


  • Data Analysis

    $5/hr Starting at $25

    I am a graduate of faculty of engineering with hands-on experience in data-science, machine -learning, deep-learning . also, I am a Udacity Nanodegree graduate in both data analysis and deep-learning. I...

    AnalyticsData AnalysisData VisualizationMatplotlibPython


Think big, Think wild

The most important skill in online working is time management. this skill has been tested many times. as I self-taught my self. I have to manage my timeline. Hello 👋👋👋, my name is Ahmed. I am an engineer also I am Udacity Nanodegree Graduate in both Machine learning and data analysis with hands-on experience in both fields.
Throw my journey to grad from Udacity I did a lot of projects such as:
Ford_bike_analysis ,Car_detection using YOLO ,Predict_bike _share,Dog_Identification_App .

Motivated and results-driven Analyst with a proven track record in data analytics and Deep Learning. Proven ability to identify business needs and develop valuable solutions to drive accuracy and process efficiency. Drives business effectiveness through making recommendations based on data findings.

Conscientious Teaching professional dedicated to educating people in Deep_Learning and Arduino-electronics courses. Offering a solid background in meaningful and informative lectures coupled with an understanding of learning techniques and tools.

Work Terms

I usually work 15h/week

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