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  • Articles & Press Releases

    $25/hr Starting at $150 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Ghostwritten trade/professional articles written to specs: content, message, style, length, and requirements of the publication. They typically showcase the author or his/her company but can be industry...

    Copy EditingCorporateCorporate CommunicationsEditingEnglish Language
  • Reports

    $30/hr Starting at $150 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    These include white papers, position papers, and the like. The sources are typically technical experts in the organization; the report may be directed to senior management, or may be a public position...

    Copy EditingCorporateCorporate CommunicationsEditingEnglish Language
  • Ghost Writing & Book Manuscript Editing

    $40/hr Starting at $200 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    The ghost writer's role is to bring the work to fruition. This may include in-depth copy editing. which goes beyond basic mechanics to rework individual sentences as needed to maximize clarity and coherence...

    Copy EditingCorporateCorporate CommunicationsEditingEnglish Language
  • Speech writing

    $50/hr Starting at $150 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Preparation and editing of any kind of speech -- executive, ceremonial, commencement, etc. -- tailored to speaker's purpose and audience's needs and accurately timed if necessary. Online interactive...

    EditingSpeech WritingWriting
  • English tutoring

    $30/hr Starting at $150 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Tutoring differs from other kinds of writing instruction in that there is usually an audience of one – an instructor or even an impersonal test grader. The goal is to execute the assignment and meet...

    EditingEmail ServicesEnglish LanguageEnglish TutoringSkype
  • Theses, Dissertations, Journal Articles

    $30/hr Starting at $150 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    The editor's task is to produce a dissertation with maximum readability, since the content is so complex. The other goal is economy: optimal use of the resources of the language (I can often cut 10%...


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A highly experienced and versatile writer and editor with both corporate and academic experience.

I am one of the few freelance writers with a PhD in linguistics and 22 years of corporate communications experience, much of which involved speechwriting for CEOs and other top executives.

I have written many articles and four books on writing (google "Writing Great Speeches" and "Perfect Phrases for Executive Presentations") and have developed a number of original, proprietary composing and editing techniques, which enable me to do the following:

(1) synthesize and summarize large quantities of information from multiple inputs;

(2) edit for clarity, coherence, and conciseness (I am a former English professor);

(3) research additional information as needed;

(4) compose and execute a wide variety of corporate communications and other documents, written to length and style specs as needed;

(5) complete projects in a very short turnaround time;

(6) deliver an exceptional level of grammatical and mechanical precision;

(7) interview as needed to obtain required information;

(8) (speechwriting) replicate the style and idiom of individual speakers and organizations.


• A highly senior, multi-talented, communications professional with a deep theoretical and practical understanding of language.

• An experienced writer/editor who has ghostwritten virtually every form of corporate communications, as well as book summaries, opening and closing arguments for attorneys, and technical, professional, and medical articles.

• An executive speechwriter who knows how executive/corporate communications support business objectives and has extensive experience in developing strategic communications and counseling management on the content and impact of communication.

• An academically-trained linguist with 30 years' experience in the study and analysis of style and meaning.

Over a 25-year career, I developed and wrote a wide variety of CEO and other top-executive speeches at Fortune 100 companies,

Work Terms

I am located in New Hampshire USA (Eastern time) and prefer to work afternoons and evenings. I communicate by phone and email, Skype if the client prefers, I work at an hourly rate and require an advance payment (and will provide a final quote) before I begin work. I will sign confidentiality and non-compete agreements if the client so desires.

For writing samples and a complete list of my publications and seminars, go to .