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  • Robotics
  • Embedded Linux
  • Machine Vision
  • Python
  • Software Development
  • Bluetooth
  • C Programming
  • Embedded C
  • Embedded C++
  • Embedded Development
  • Engineering
  • Firmware Development
  • Linux
  • Motion Control
  • Wireless Networking

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  • Robotics Software Development

    $30/hr Starting at $500

    Developments software for robots. ROS based software engineering. High precision SLAM software. Real-time solutions for industrial robots. C/C++ and Python programming. C programming for microcontrollers...

    CC++EngineeringIndustrialIndustrial Robotics
  • Embedded Software Development

    $30/hr Starting at $500

    Firmware development for microcontrollers, embedded Linux based applications and devices. Applications for Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Firmware for STMicroelectronics (STM32) and Texas Instruments (CC1310,...

    ArduinoBluetoothConsumer ElectronicsElectronicsEmbedded Linux
  • IoT Development

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    Internet of Things systems design. Full-stack architecture solutions for IoT systems. Help to choose most relevant hardware to your IoT solution. Device firmware development, linux-based gateways setup...

    Android DevelopmentArchitectureBluetoothDesignEngineering


Senior Embedded Software Engineer - Embedded Linux STM32 CC1310/CC2650

Have 10+ years of experience with C programming and software engineering. Design firmware and build custom images with Yocto or Armbian for devices with Embedded Linux - single board computers for IoT, telecommunications, automation and robotics. Program microcontrollers from STMicroelectronics and Texas Instruments with embedded C for highly reliable industrial control and monitor systems. Develop applications for IoT with hard power consumption requirements. Self-organized and provide detailed traction about my activity on project, including documentation and source files in repositories with Git.

Technologies I experienced with includes:
* C and C++ programming for microcontrollers and Linux development,
* Python programming language for writing models, utilities and applications for embedded Linux,
* machine vision algorithms with OpenCV (C++, Python),
* signals and image processing algorithms simulation with Python, MATLAB and Scilab,
* Boost C++ library, NumPy, SciPy Python libraries,
* OpenWrt, Yocto, Armbian embedded Linux build systems,
* Allwinner H3/H5 SoCs, Odroid XU4, Nano Pi, Orange Pi, Beaglebone Black single-board computers
* Jetson TX2 and Jetson Nano single board computers with CUDA toolkit,
* Robot Operating System (ROS) configuration and modules development for navigation and SLAM,
* STM32F1, STM32F3, STM32F4 MCUs based platforms, NUCLEO and Discovery boards,
* STM32 CubeMX, STM32 BLDC/PMSM motors workbench,
* CC1310/CC1312r1/CC2650/CC1350 MCUs based platforms,
* Code Composer Studio, Sensor Controller Studio, SmartRF Studio,
* ESP32 and ESP8266 chips and modules,
* OTA solutions for IoT devices,
* wireless protocols for IoT, Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE), 6lowpan over 802.15.4, MQTT, CoAP and others,
* various motion, temperature & humidity, gas, light and heart pulse sensors,
* CAN, RS-485, RS-232 communication protocols,
* USB and PCI-E protocols,
* LIDAR and RADAR solutions,
* actuators, stepper motors, BLDC motors,

Work Terms

Do not take work for less than 8 hours. Do not have all evaluation boards, ask me about which is possible to use right now, and which can be acquired.