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  • Mechanical Engineering
  • 2D Drafting
  • 3D Design
  • 3D Modeling
  • Chemical Engineering
  • Clean Programming
  • Design
  • Engineering Design
  • Equipment
  • Fusion 360
  • Industrial Design
  • Information Technology
  • Manufacturing Design
  • Mechanical Product Design
  • Microsoft Access

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  • Industrial Design Engineer

    $30/hr Starting at $30 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Previous projects I've worked on include: Agricultural Crop Sprayer. The design utilises the space between the wheel arches to store chemical safety equipment as well as clean water (for rinsing). The...

    2D Drafting3D Design3D ModelingChemical EngineeringClean Programming


Award winning design/mechanical engineer with a background in machinery design to ISO standards.

I've Worked for a tech start-up designing a medical sterilisation machine. Developed 3 iterations of the machine from concept to prototype, and prototype to commercial product. Designed Ultra High Level vacuum systems, Radiation Shielding, Product Handling, Test Rigs, High Voltage Electrical Enclosures etc.

I also work for, and have worked for several multinational engineering corporations developing and automating production equipment, test rigs; and am an registered Chartered Engineer (C Eng) with the Institute of Engineering and Technology.

Work Terms

I'd prefer to be contacted via email, can work any number of hours, and would prefer 50% up front, and 50% on completion.