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Alexis Nelms

Professional and Expert Editor for all things literature and story telling. Your Go-To Girl for high quality content and loyal partnership.

Hello all and thank you for joining me today on my bio!

I was raised by an English Major and took all Advanced Placement classes throughout high school and into College. I was majoring in English before I had to leave for personal reasons, but I am still learning and growing every day.

I have been an Editor since 2012, as I edited the Literary Magazine for my school at the time, as well as having been published in multiple places, such as Poetry For Young Americans and Sigma, the Literary Magazine.

I take pride in my work, as writing and all things literary are my passion and love. I make sure to take expert care and time reading through the work you have produced, as it is important to me to make sure that you are satisfied. It is your work after all, I'm just here to spruce it up and make it ready for the world. You put all of your hard work and time into creating the piece, and I will make sure that it gets the same respect and admiration it deserves while being edited and tidied up.
I am also skilled in the ways of Typesetting and Formatting, and have a vast knowledge of Kindle Ebook formatting and hardback copies of any book you wish to have published. I work very closely with my husband and publishing his books through Amazon, as well as having been the editor and typesetter for Tracey Jewel's "This Goddess Means Business".

I would be honored and proud to work for you, and to make sure everything you need is taken care of in a timely and professional manner. I work freelance completely from home, as my husband is mentally disabled and I must be here to take care of him and his needs. All jobs and profits are hugely appreciated and helps me out so much in my life.

I thank you again for reading, and I hope to work with you soon.

All my best and warmest wishes in all your endeavors,

Work Terms

I typically work 9AM-3PM, but can work until 7PM at the latest.

Everything is on your own terms, and I keep in contact daily per request or if you just want to chat. I love to keep open communication with my customers and their projects that are very important to them. You created it, so it should be given the upmost care and respect it deserves.

I am open to email communication, as it can be easier to reach through that method. I also like to take the time and ask questions about the literature and the formatting possibilities you may wish to look into. It's all about you and the work you've done, and I will provide the care, quality, and loyalness above anyone you'll meet, as I respect and love literature for more than just a payday, and I respect and love those who have given their time to create something new for the world.