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  • Database Development
  • Extract Transform and Load
  • Python
  • Software Testing
  • SQL



    $60/hr Starting at $400 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I do working apps and optimization. Experienced in ETL, database (SQL optimization), reporting (data cleaning + visuals), testing. Experienced in analytics, signals detection tools, time series (FFT,...

    Database DevelopmentExtract Transform and LoadPythonSoftware TestingSQL


Started coding 20 years ago. Have past experience in Java, C++, JavaScript/HTML.
My focus is on quick development and optimal/fast working code.

In the passed I was doing research time series analysis in Matlab (FFT, MAtching Pursuit, audio signals)

Currently, daily I do SQL optimization in fintech company (making SQL faster + indexing) / mainly Postgres.
I worked with tables up to 10 billion rows so we can call it big data I think.

SQL often combined with Python 3 for ETL jobs.
Python data processing and whatever needed. Did some cython too.

Occasionally Excel reporting and presentations.
Have some experience in PowerBI and Metabase.