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  • python & ML programming

    $10/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    The possibility of providing suitable services in various fields of artificial intelligence and machine learning with Python language in medical and industrial fields. These services can include data...

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I will be with you when you face new challenges. Let's enjoy the project together

Experienced and creative software engineer with 5 years of experience in developing programs using Python, Django and machine learning frameworks. Interested in using artificial intelligence to solve real-world problems and create innovative applications.
My interest in learning is much more than my interest in doing monotonous projects, and this spirit of facing challenges makes me always search for new solutions for practical problems, and I really enjoy working with industrial and medical groups.
I have learned and I have a duty to use what I have learned to solve other people's problems.

• Technical Skills: Python, Django, Machine Learning, TensorFlow, PyTorch, Data Science, Git, AWS
• Soft skills: problem solving, critical thinking, communication, teamwork, time management
• Education: Master of Computer Science

 Three-dimensional segmentation of tumors, MRI images
 Segment of sonography images
 Landmark radiology images
 Production of industrial designs using GAN networks
 Analysis of ophthalmic images
 Designing various commercial and medical websites
• machine learning
• Artificial intelligence
• Data science
• Programming

Call to Action
I am looking for a challenging opportunity to use my skills in artificial intelligence and machine learning to solve real-world problems and create innovative applications.

Work Terms

I can freely spend up to 8 hours a day on your project, and if your project is interesting and you have a time limit, I can dedicate up to 14 hours a day.
If your workload is more or you have a time limit, I will be happy to use the cooperation of my expert friends in your project with your consent.
The cost of your project will depend on its time and context and its complexity. However, I am interested in facing new challenges, especially in the field of artificial intelligence, and I will agree with you on the price.
And finally, I am always available to answer you.
I will enjoy working with you