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  • E-Learning products

    $5/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    We are proficient in providing custom e-learning software and solutions based on cutting-edge technology, on effective didactic methods, and amenity.

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Our mission is to enable people learn better by using all the advantages offered by multimedia technologies as well as their associated learning methods.

In 12 years our company has acquired a substantial experience in pedagogical design, graphics for educational software, in multimedia and web design.
Therefore, finding a creative solution that fits our clients’ needs is the main goal in all our projects.

We develop e-learning solutions based on a modern technology, on effective didactic methods, on interactivity, and amenity. We offer custom educational softwares designed and developed as per each client’s exigency.

The center of its activity stands in developing interactive materials for study in multimedia formats designed for e-learning programs.

We design e-Learning software applications based on the following requirements:
Providing relevant information for the user;
Instructional design according to didactical objectives
Design according to the multimedia use in e-Learning principles;
Introducing testing and evaluative applications;
Use of interactive methods for the learning process;
Delivering the information in small bits of content;
Attractive (yet not invasive) visual and audio design.

We also offer technological conversion. Technological conversion and improvement consists of analyzing the educational content in an obsolete format (Adobe Flash, PowerPoint) and reconstructing it in modern formats (Html5+CSS3+Javascript, Responsive Design, Mobile Ready).

We meet the potential clients with a set of services that cover these requirements:

partnership in projects aimed at adapting educational content from PC to mobile devices;
redesign of instructional applications as per the mobile devices functional particularities;
redesign of graphic elements and of navigation;
enhancing the instructional potential by adding interactive activities that use hard/soft components specific to mobile devices: augmented reality, voice recognition, contextual simulation, education games.

Founded: 2003