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  • Design your Effective PPT presentation

    $90/hr Starting at $180 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    A One-of-a-kind Designer Who Can Beautifully and Professionally Design, Write and Sales-Proofread your PowerPOint Presentation for Maximum Impact ! #PLEASE CONTACT BEFORE ORDER TO ENSURE FULL UNDERSTANDING...

    Brand IdentityBrandingBrochure DesignBusiness ModelsClient Presentation
  • Create a pitch deck that gets you funded

    $160/hr Starting at $800 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    How many chances do you have to impress your investors? Can you afford to miss out on even one of those? So get ready to meet investors and fundraise for your startup with compelling storytelling backed...

    BrandingBusiness ModelsBusiness PlanningClient PresentationCreative Design


Helping startup founders be ready to meet investors and fundraise for their startups with my unique method that addresses all crucial components of a successful startup fundraising activity

I'm Anna Mazarsky, a startup fundraising expert and the founder and CEO of pitchUP-startup fundraising. I've worked with 500+ startups, helping them raise over $50m from pre-seed to Exit, a graduate of the Global MBA track at Reichman University (IDC Herzliya). Previously Latet's resource developer raised $30m personally + establishing fundraising operations in Israel and the US; a mom of 2 and an IG micro-influencer.

I help Seed and Round A startup founders to raise funds quickly, effectively, and painlessly. This includes instructing them on how to tell their story convincingly through engaging storytelling; coaching them to gain self-confidence for pitching and presenting; guiding them on the correct fundraising strategy; crafting the pitch deck and all supporting materials/documents, and training on meetings simulations, Q&A sessions, pitch nights, etc.

My experience with seed and Round A funding rounds shows that the founders often waste opportunities, lose confidence, get too technical, and overall lose valuable time and resources while fundraising due to a lack of understanding of the components of effective fundraising. The result is that most funded startups run out of cash before raising their next round, leading to the company's failure, closure, or lack of proper expansion.

I've developed a unique method that addresses all crucial components of a successful startup fundraising activity, including strategic planning, storytelling, practicing, mental coaching, and ongoing support throughout the fundraising activity - until the desired outcome.

Founded: 2015

Work Terms

Per fundraising needs/ or as an ongoing fundraising consultant.
Contact me for additional information and to see if your startup qualifies for my services.

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