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We got into business to help others succeed in their business by providing small and medium sized companies the same quality services, but at a lower price.
Your customers demand quality products and services from you, and we beleive database automation will help you deliver those products and services to them.

What normally interferes with getting those automation systems developed is cost. Developing the application and database needed for most smaller companies are so costly, that the benefit just doesn't seems to be in reach for the expense it would require. That's why our patented development process and expert developers allows us to provide quality services with rapid development which saves you lots of money.

We don't cut corners, we cut processes. Much of the Software Development Lifecycle methodology, (SDLC), as it's commonly known, is a development methodology used in developing very large applications, and may be required by government contractors, but for most companies, especially small to midsized companies, many of these process are not required. We have our own tried and true development methodology that gets the same job done in much less time, and that's reflected in a lower cost to you.

Another secret to our success is that most of our development team has worked together on many projects for many years, and our processes, collaboration and lessons learned have been developed over years of project deployments. Another key to our success is that we finish everything all the time. You would think that should be a common attribute for Consultants, but sadly, most projects are never finished becuase of poor planning, and a poor work ethic, but Atlantic MIS delivers!

Founded: 2017

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