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  • Comic art

    $20/hr Starting at $100

    I am a freelance Comic book artist with more than 25 years of experience in Comic books, Advertising and painting. From the end of 2006, I work for USA and UK Comic book fields, drawing Comic books, Pinups...

    Comic BookComic Book ArtistComic Book CoverGraphic Novel
  • Storyboard - Quest

    $30/hr Starting at $100


  • Illustration

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    I have been drawing comics, worked in Advertising agencies, practiced paintings and conducted workshops for many school children.I enjoy providing specialized, customized service in areas of * Comic book...

    Adobe PhotoshopAdvertisingBook IllustrationComic Book ArtComics
  • Storyboard - Grocery Store

    $30/hr Starting at $100


    ArtistMovieScreen PlayStoryboard
  • Book Illustration

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    My first form of imagination was initiated by the folk stories and fairy tales which was told by my mother over and over again. As I started reading from age 3 onward, the illustrations of books

    Adobe PhotoshopAdvertisingBook IllustrationComic Book ArtComics
  • Book Illustration -Vikram

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    This set was made with the style of comic books in mind. They were meant for both, color and Black and White. Book illustrations was my favorite form of art as a child. I used to refer to them from time...

    Book Cover DesignBook IllustrationComic Book ArtComic Book IllustrationComics

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Dynamic, Detailed, Expressive Comic book /Graphic Novel Art & Illustrations as close as to your imagination realized with my skill.

I have been drawing comics, worked in Advertising agencies, practiced paintings. I enjoy providing specialized, customized service in areas of * Comic book art, Pencil, Ink/Color (Digital and traditional) * Children Book Illustration, * T-Shirt Illustration, * Novel and Magazine Cover designs, * Commercial art and Storyboard art. Often the employers I worked with are accomplished writers.Working closely with the employer, I try to realize his vision to his complete satisfaction. I bid only for the projects I find special. I accept work which inspires me to be at my best because my inspiration is the key to the satisfaction of the viewer.Communication lines are always open. I enjoy making changes and adjusting my visuals. I express my thoughts freely and suggest if required. It is a real joy to work in this secured Guru environment for the past seven years.

Work Terms

I prefer to work closely with the employer, communicating regularly through email. Prompt responses save time. I search on my own for references and information needed for the project but whatever is provided by the employer is most welcome since that would set a standard of his requirements. I will provide Thumbnails and changes are welcome in the preliminary stages. My challenge is to make it as you imagined. I believe that you hire me to realize your vision rather than buying my version of your vision. If that is your need I can enjoy the freedom and go wild too. In short, my output depends on your need.

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