Barbara Kim Thigpen

Austin, Texas, United States

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Barbara Kim Thigpen

Dedicated to education, ethics, and quality; I endeavor to change the world for the betterment of life on planet Earth. As a perpetual student, I can sort through a vast amount of content.

World mysteries, comparative archeology, ancestral biographies, medieval art, sacred geometry, bio-ceramic materials, natural medicine, poetry, song, dance and yoga are my passions. I like compiling lists and collections; often obsessively. I have condensed many directories, catalogs, and books... to discern the 'cream of the crop'; preparing guides for anyone interested. I develop my own methods and observe self-discipline. I am a vegetarian, and fine food is my longest sustained area of study. I understand the science of food combining [trophology] & devote large swaths of time to learning everything about the exotic most nutrient dense ingredients in the world. I used to work with the Hunger Project. I have taken many motivational self improvement seminar series and peacemaker courses. My background included extensive activity in Protestant churches, and has expanded into an eclectic approach to spirituality. i am fond of the utopian ideas presented in the acclaimed Herman Hesse book, Magister Ludi ~ The Glass Bead Game. I have made large 'walls' on various subjects in the Pinterest website. For my taste, work is meant to be worthy, as in karma yoga. As such, it is my playground... and research, my forte'. I must freelance, as a step toward launching my business; having fulfilled a personal vow of poverty in order to develop skills to perfection without being influenced by greed. I intended to continue mainly volunteer work until i was able to help a lot of people. That was nearly 40 years ago. I have also done kitchen managing, health food store and warehouse work, outdoor labor [tree & brush], food / cocktail serving, and dancing. I am a nondrinker of alcohol... always sober and articulate. I feel glory; although there is, more often than not, little credibility to be gained by working hard without recompense. I am told that my abilities are valuable and shouldn't be taken for granted. Therefore, I must prove myself to family and friends; toward empowerment.

Work Terms

I have no set schedule; as I am a single domestic servant [now to family members]; and I stay awake as long as I wish. I have no commitments, do not watch television, and normally remain at home most of the time. As a long term volunteer, I am accustomed to doing things my way; although I have also developed the ability to follow orders, make compromises, and readily communicate with others. I have been doing administrative duties in large FaceBook groups; and have experience working with a team of people with similar goals. I experimented with a crowdsourcing site; only entering design contests. It was great fun; yet, i didn't know how to utilize many tools and formats available. I hadn't a clue how to bid jobs, either; although I regret not having taken the time to learn. Profit was never my primary motivator. I had difficulty putting a monetary value on anything. I am exploring options, since i need to afford upgrades for my newly acquired commercial vehicle and to purchase necessary costly ingredients for my upcoming product line. My domain is old. I have a blog plus 24 sub-domains. I made stores online, as an affiliate of Amazon. That didn't work out well; since there were new reasons they kept closing my accounts and making me start new ones, without the privilege of reopening. I am flexible on terms... new to this website, which I must learn to navigate. I may appear to be amateurish; although I maintain a professional attitude. If i am an appropriate fit for the fulfillment of your needs, feel free to inquire about my services. I will not pretend to be what I am not, By the same principle, i am not willing to compromise my standards by lying about anything. Please do not expect me to present hype. Integrity is of paramount importance. Protocol is designed for a reason; and my compliance cannot be bought. I am a servant to all, and slave to none. [not anymore] If connectivity here requires it; my business email address is