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Bitworks software

Design and development of comprehensive software solutions for fast-growing bisinesses

Bitworks is a developer of scalable software solutions with high availability that need:
- big data analysis and data mining and machine learning;
- high-performance, scalable, high-load, distributed architecture server components;
- microservice approach based on loosely coupled agents.

We can deliver the most value to customers who need to create a product that works in a sophisticated application domain, with high project failure risks due to underestimated project complexity or inadequate expertise of the performing party, and where the architecture has to be carefully elaborated and compared to similar approaches using a viable PoC, and high quality has to be maintained by having IT professionals of different profiles in the same R&D department: developers, QA engineers, system administrators, technical writers and project managers.

As of now, our team includes over 40 IT professionals and other miscellaneous personnel.

In the course of project delivery we aim not only at meeting customers’ requirements but also strive to maintain high quality at every stage so that further project development will be straightforward and predictable.

We use best development practices, such as PoC, DDD, continuous integration, Scrum, automated and manual QA and Git-flow.

Founded: 2005

Meet the Team

Work Terms

Our major purpose is to develop the projects which will rock! So we have a piece of advice to our customers to help them to develop the best solutions.

1. Please be open to communication. Usually, we are providing personal project manager to every project. The purpose of his presence is to be your right hand in the project. He does all project work - solves project problems, provides project details, works under features. We wish our customer to work with him very closely. Close collaboration will lead to success.

2. Please, be responsible. We expect our customers to do all necessary actions as fast as possible. This idea allows to follow the project schedule and complete it in time.

3. Please, trust us. We do all possible to achieve your success. We need to feel that our customer trusts us and believes in our competence.