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  • Accountant, Law Graduate, Content Writer

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    I am a Chartered Certified Accountant who has spent 8 months working in the Accounting Department at my employer's firm doing bookkeeping, preparing monthly/annual financial statements, preparing bank...

    AccountingArticle WritingBookkeepingContent WritingCorporate Law


To always try to set higher and higher targets for myself to achieve.

Hi, my name is Braishna and I am an ICAEW ACA finalist, an ACCA and a law graduate. My love for justice explains the law degree, whereas the accounting degrees are a result of my profound interest in numbers and logic, and how crucial their understanding can be to a business.
ACCA and ICAEW both require their students to work at a recognized organisation for a period of three years to attain membership of the said bodies, and that's what I just finished doing. I worked at the Accounting department for a brief period of six months doing bookkeeping, preparing monthly as well as annual statements, and doing financial analysis. For the remaining two and a half years I chose to work at the more demanding Taxation department and that is what brought into use my two diverse fields of study - law and accounting. My work involved calculating income tax returns, sales tax returns and withholding taxes for individuals and companies from the data provided by them, and then uploading and submitting the returns on the Federal Board of Revenue portal. In addition to doing the calculations, I also worked as the research assistant for my manager who represented clients before the Income Tax Tribunals. This involved a deep analysis of not just the word of the statute but also the various rules and circulars issued by the authorities from time. It also involved the herculean task of studying case laws not just from Pakistan but from countries with similar legal systems like India, to see if we could find legal precedence in support of our client.
I would also help draft correspondence with the tax authorities in response to notices issued by them to our clients.
Being a lover of reading and writing, writing is one of my favorite hobbies. I have great fondness for writing blogs, articles etc. and have thoroughly enjoyed any content writing tasks I have done for others. I have strong command over English (as evidenced by 97% marks in O Level English).
I happen to be a perfectionist

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I can work for $10/hr.
I am extremely hardworking and diligent.