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Carlo Andrei Mercado Morales | |

+33 07 66 86 27 57 |Spain
My name is Carlo Andrei Mercado, I am from Cali Colombia, I speak spanish and english, I finished my schooling in 3D character animation in Ecole de l'image Gobelins in (Annecy-France) , prior to this I took the workshops in video game animation and motion capture in

Animation reel, focus in game animation, body mechanics, creature animations, including the animation test that I did for ubisoft, and motion capture works in the second part of the video.
I worked in an indie video game company for 5 years as an animator, focus my work in rigging, skinning, animation, particle effects, and implementing the animations in Unity and unreal engine 4



UE4 animation implementation reel
as you see in the video, I have experience in multiple parts of the production pipeline, this help me to communicate easy with the others members of the team, and the others departments.

I have experience with motion capture, some examples here:

My main interest is improving my skills in animations for video games in 2D and 3D, enter in a video games developer Company with good prestige for learn and grow with them.

Work Terms

I works normally per hour, this case you can paid me daily, and I give you updates daily.

second way.

20% percent at the start of the project, The rest on the delivery date
• The project will be delivered when the total payment is completed (against delivery).

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