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    Bilingual language expert with proven experience in the field of writing, translation and research. I am mother-tongue English professional with over 10 years of translation experience for specialist...

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Translation is not a matter of mere words: it entails making intelligible a whole culture."

Italian born, English bred.
Madly in love with reading from an early age, I would devour the same story in Italian and English, comparing and contrasting, seeing the same beauty but noticing the differences in the tone and style. After graduating in Anthropology I moved from my part time proofreading role and started regular translation work in the field of adventure games. The work was fun and helped my language skills to meet the professional rigour and standards demanded by work with a potential audience of millions. This experience enabled me to take that skillset into another field that was equally challenging and felt a positive context to be working in.

The joy of telling a story in another language faced the cold reality of commercial concerns, andI started freelancing for an advertising agency. The work was challenging and allowed me to stretch my mind in the art of 'Transcreation', a glorified form of communicating cultural nuances/concepts and sensibilities into other languages. Eventually, I found myself responsible for the Spanish and Italian territories. Projects took varied forms, from games for Sony Playstation, to festivals, exhibitions and film and book launches. Yet, once I was able to move on and start working freelance I returned to my first passion,languages and translation. Since then, I have also revisited the academic world by translating essays and research papers.