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  • .net Server
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  • Brand Logo
  • Brochure Design
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  • IT Specialist , PC Tech, Server Tech

    $28/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I am a IT specialist/Tech who has experience doing software and hardware walkthroughs, Server Install,Un-install,Networking,Cabling and repair. I have experience with Apple and Microsoft OS software and...

    .net ServerAppleApple OsEmail ServicesGaming
  • Design Services

    $20/hr Starting at $200 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Online Website and Company Design for logos , Layouts, Brochures,Invitations,Newletters,Sales Ads, Banner Ads and More!! For all of your ad needs be it for upcoming events big or small or If you need...

    Banner AdsBrand LogoBrochure DesignCompany NewslettersDesign


Tech Services for all of your tech needs!!

I originally started taking apart computer towers as a kid to see how they worked and then putting them back together. In my teen years I started building custom towers for friends and family from time to time and found it is my passion! I then was accepted into a program with Apple where I took rigurous classes for OS software and hardware install,un-install,testing,walkthrough and repair for customers, I passed the classes with atleast a 90% on each exam!!. When I finished the classes I began to work as tech support and then within a year was a CPU manager. I had also in my spare time still did online learning/study sessions for other technologies know how,repair and ect. Around the same time I entered into the Army reserves and served a few years honorably, After that I moved onto freelance IT/tech work for awhile until I was offered a new position at Apple where I was a IT specialist and server Technician where I learned how to install,un-install,network,cable and repair servers, I have also have required software and have studied architectural and business design and in doing so can create logos,covers,newsletters,ads online and or physical, banners, invites and so on!!

Work Terms

I offer my services online via video chat, phone, email and in person locally up to a 40 mile radius. Payment to me is preferred through eCheck,PayPal or Cash through this site or locally paid.
IT/Tech Services - I charge $28 for atleast a/per hour
Design Services - I charge $22 for atleast a/per hour
and give estimates for other projects at a easy price,