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  • 2D Animation
  • Anime
  • Photoshop
  • Pixel Art
  • 2D Art
  • 2D Artist
  • Adobe After Effects
  • Animation 2d
  • Art And Design
  • Artist
  • Cartooning
  • Character Animator
  • Comic Illustrator
  • Comic Strip Art
  • Creature Animation

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  • 2d artist

    $10/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I like cartoons and sketching, animation, I like to bring your idea to picture, Whatever you wish just message me, I draw your imagination character or animal water it is I do a sketch for you. Bring...

    2D Animation2D Art2D ArtistAdobe After EffectsAnimation 2d


Social media manager (&) Digital marketer

Hay boss, I am a Datchana Freelance Digital marketer and ads manager.

Why do People ( You ) Need digital marketing services?

There are several industries in the world, and every indujual business has a Separate product. Digital marketers have an online influence based on that specific niche. That YouTuber, Instagram influencer, google content creator, Facebook marketer, and social media influencer takes your product to the right audience.
door to door is old marketing ( Now everything is Digital Marketing )
we are the experienced people, to take your product to your customers.

Why do people fail in Marketing?
1 st Reson they don't know, how to Promote its brand in the Proper Way
2nd Reson they Dont do smart Work
3rd Bad quality Promotion
Now. How does a Digital Marketer (Me) Solve your Problem?
I Have Experience In Marketing
⦁ I will help to Identify your Niche
⦁ Suggest some ideas about How to Promote your Product
⦁ I will create a brand for you
⦁ Suggestion Which Platform is best to Pemote
⦁ Organic or Paid Ads
⦁ Build Trust for your customers
Now, what are the services I am Providing For my Clients?

1. Landing page design
2. Social Media manager
3. Quora
4. Pintrest Pin desin wirh Seo
5. WordPress Theme design
6. SEO
7. Affiliate Product Promotion
8. SEO Content Writing
9. Copy Writing
10. Complete WordPress setup
11. Facebook ads Leads
12. E-Mail Retargeting

Work Terms

Client Marketing:

5 Stages to Get a Profitable Affiliate Sale

1. Niche selection

Micro Niche

2. Affiliate platform

Trustable Platform to ( People ready to purchase Product )

3. Platform to promote


4. Landing Page

The landing page explains all

What your buyer going to get
Why he wants to buy the product now

Mail collection

5. Promote the Affiliate link

Social platforms