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  • TradeStation Certified EasyLanguage Spec

    $150/hr Starting at $150 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    One of only 40 TradeStation Certified EasyLanguage Specialists. Former TradeStation EasyLanguage Engineer who answered 17,000+ TradeStation EasyLanguage Forum questions for Traders and Developers. Developed...

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Certified TradeStation EasyLanguage(EL) Specialist & former TradeStation Engineer that does all things TradeStation. Specialize in strategies, automated trading and automated trading tools.

Former TradeStation EasyLanguage Engineer who answered 17,000+ questions on the TradeStation EasyLanguage Forum for Traders and Developers. Developed thousands of strategies/indicators and the most advanced products available which enhance automated trading. Degreed Electrical Engineer with a MBA.

I am thoroughly versed in TradeStation nuances and I build on a strong foundation of listening to the customer, bringing clarity to the issues, and finding solutions to the problems. I ask the questions that help you rigorously define your project and decide if it is possible, affordable, and ultimately, desirable.

There are many paths that can be taken when writing code. How the code is written can impact how efficiently your strategy trades. Having been exposed to so many other trader's and developer's code and to finding solutions for their issues, I bring a broad perspective to coding and a deep understanding of just how to effectively and quickly code in TradeStation EasyLanguage while avoiding non-obvious pitfalls.

Founded: 2014

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Available full time ( 40+ hours per week ).

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