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  • Access
  • Analysis
  • Application Design
  • Data Analysis
  • Design
  • Etl
  • Financial Reporting
  • Management
  • Marketing
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Ms
  • ODBC
  • Programming
  • Report Development
  • SQL

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  • MS Access Application Developer

    $60/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    o Database application design and development using MS Access and SQL Server. o Design and development of event tracking and reporting applications using MS Access/SQL Server. o Advanced programming...

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About | | Wisdom=Accumulated Experience + Accumulated Knowledge Wisdom to analyze and create business solutions with technology!

Combining experience in accounting, finance, business analysis and management with skills in application development provides a unique skill set that allows for the creation of solutions that improve processes and increase efficiencies.
I have a wealth of business experience including working as a CPA involved in business consulting/financial analysis.

In my role as the Director of R&D for a medium size financial institution, I performed the functions of business analyst, data analyst, project manager and application developer which gave me exposure to all areas of the institution. I designed, developed and maintained over 20 multi-users MS Access applications such as employee compensation/benefit tracking, fraud tracking, account collections, loan tracking/analysis, regulatory/compliance reporting, internal auditing and RE loan documentation.
My experience with Access includes the development/redevelopment of over 40 applications in every version since Access 95.
• Programmed with VBA, DAO, SQL and ODBC.
• Automated ETL to extract and transform data from Excel, SQL Server, DB2, SAS, Sybase, text and report files.
• Extensive reporting/analytics
• Interfaces with Excel, Word, Outlook and ERSI Business Map
• Development of multi user applications with Access and SQL Server as backend data sources.

I have used Access extensively for data analysis and ad hoc reporting.

During the past few years, I have performed six contracts involving Access development. Three contracts required analysis, troubleshooting, upgrading and redeveloping older applications to Access 2010/2013. The other contracts were for the development of new Access 2010/2013/2016 applications to replace Excel to improve efficiencies. I believe these engagements were not based solely on my technical knowledge but on my ability to analyze and create business solutions with technology!

These contracts have included Microsoft, Fifth-Third Bank, Societe Generale Freddie Mac and the Capital Group

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