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I have been programming computers and control systems for 20 plus years commercially. Formally trained in Electronics Engineering Technology I also have extensive electronic and electrical knowledge. I have built embedded systems and programmed systems to control entire plants. I have converted web servers from Unix to Linux and built 200lb robots. My skills are well complemented with practical field experience. Often coworkers would ask, "How do you know that?" To which I would respond, "I didn't, but I have seen enough things like that to know what the solution might be." I see every technical problem as a solution waiting to be found.

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At my site I have links to the work I have done, am doing, and the coding I do for fun.

Work Terms

These can be negotiated but here are the guidelines:
1. Pay for a project, not time spent on project. I prefer to work towards solutions quickly. If I have an incentive to finish quickly then this benefits myself and the employer. This will NOT lead to a rushed project however. See item 3 for more info.
2. The desired work location is my home. No travel.
3. When working on a project I expect at the very least a description of what the product must look like. From there the deliverables must be developed so that they are concise and are measurable. This allows a project to be completed and meet expectations.
4. I will not work on websites or projects with nudity or immoral representations of persons, places, or things.

Tested Skills