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  • Airtable
  • Angular
  • API Integrations
  • Automation
  • Data Optimization
  • MVC
  • MySQL
  • Node.js
  • Oop
  • PHP
  • ReactJS
  • XML
  • XPath
  • Zapier


  • Scripting & Automation expert - AirTable

    $25/hr Starting at $40

    Configuring robots/scrapers on remote servers or offline with scheduled tasks(Cron), XPath, CSS-selectors, DOM, regex. Saving data to different file formats(JSON, CSV, XML) & databases, importing/exporting...

    AirtableAPI IntegrationsAutomationData OptimizationZapier
  • Web Development

    $15/hr Starting at $100

    - HTML / CSS Web Development - PHP Web Application Development - OOP Development - PHP MVC Framework Development( Laravel, Codeigniter) - CSS Development & Customization( Bootstrap 3, 4) -



Airtable Expert - Automation - JavaScript - API Integration

As being a Full Stack Web Developer for the last decade. it's always my favorite part to integrate data and organize it with different tools.

So I focus more on current automation & data Integration(no code/low code) tools like AirTable, Google Tables, Zapier, Amazon Honeycode, pipedream, Autocode, Parabola, Google Spreadsheets, Google Apps Scripts, etc.

Integrate some popular CRM's like HubSpot,, with different data tools.

Expert in data setup, extraction & API Integration. Available to do quick short-term and long-term projects.

Other experiences and skills you also like to have.

* ReactJS, NodeJS and PHP.

* Set up multiple types of Databases (MySQL, MongoDB) Integration.

* Handle Linux cloud Server like AWS(Amazon Web Service) EC2, Web Hosting servers, etc.

* API Development and oAuth, REST-based APIs, and Apps with Advanced Mode.

* Working with RESTful Web services, XML, XPath, JSON (JSON Expressions), CURL Extension, an expert with Regexp (Regular Expressions).

* Algolia (Push indexes and use API) Elastic search, Data Scraper, crawler, DOM manipulation, etc

* Gather(Extract) data from any type of web concept using different technologies like cURL, NodeJS, puppeteer, playwright, XPath, and Regular Expressions.

* Expert to handle Scraping tools like, apify, and ParseHub with different programming languages.

Prefer quality work with sticking to deadlines. Feel safe with all your secured data and files. Security is my first concern for any type of work because it's more important to start any kind of work.

Work Terms

30+ hours per week, Most of the preferred hourly jobs