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Email copywriter that EXPLODES sales (Formula Inside...)

"His copy drove great revenue!"

"Very happy with copywriting quality"

"Put in lots of hard work to produce the results we wanted"

"Excellent experience"

As you look for an email copywriter...

You'll find two different types. Those that TALK results. And those that SHOW results. Can you guess what group I'm in?


Let me explain...

Anyone can throw out words like RESULTS and CONVERSIONS. But if you don't back it up with proof. How valid are the claims?

Think back to the gold rush days.

A lot of fake claims were sold to miners who only thought about one thing -- getting rich!

But who actually got rich? Was it the miner with a fresh claim? Or one with a satchel full of gold?

The claim was potential. But the gold, that was results. And that proved the claim had value. Right?

Not so fast. We still don't know where the gold came from.

SO BE CAREFUL! Because I've seen screenshot after screenshot full of results that are completely... BOGUS!

What does a 65% open rate mean if the email was sent to a highly segmented list?

If you've ever monitored email results before...

You'll know that some subscribers will open ANY EMAIL!

So if you segment a list to only these subscribers. What type of open / click rates do you think you're going to get?


That's why I'm not going to just TALK or SHOW results. I'm going to explain them! Not just that...

I'm talking about results for campaigns that were sent to 20,000+ subscribers!

So check out my portfolio to see the results!

Then scroll up and click the invite button. Then, type up a paragraph about what you do. Or, just send me a link to your site!

Work Terms

- Payment must be secured by Escrow prior to the start of your project
- Milestones will be set to track progress and deadlines
- Deadlines are strictly adhered to – if needed, extensions will be requested a minimum of 24 hours in advance
- Available 7 days per week via Skype, Email, and Message Board.
- Hourly projects are always tracked through Time Tracker