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    Digital marketing service helps your business grow and stay visible on the internet. From generating leads and increasing your sales to driving traffic, digital marketing can help you achieve your business...

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Digital Marketer

*Gradually starting from a sales in a clothing store who knows nothing about the outside world to a quality observer assistant in a ready-made garment export company to a sales specialist who leads a team of 5 to work on improving the product, effectively communicating with customers, maximizing the benefit of them and understanding their ideas about buying that they may not be relevant with rationality. All of this is in addition to my studies of law at the Faculty of Law, Helwan University, and quickly graduating to train under the hands of an expert lawyer, which did not last long until I had an accident, as a result of which I sat at home to learn what I was always searching for to know well " Digital Marketing", so I took a Nano Degree at Udacity led me to be a digital marketer with a demonstrated history of working on real-life projects at Udacity I have worked in content marketing projects which takes you from creating your market objective, KPI, Target Persona, writing a blog post and promoted to it in 3 different social media channels.
*In the other project, I have planed an email campaign with all the previous stages with setting different A/b testing and planed a calendar with analyzing the results.
*In my free time, l enjoy playing with my cat she is really lovely, reading self-help books, taking care of my family and loved ones, seeing the sunshine, meditate, learn cooking"don't laugh at me everybody wanna be a little chef sometime".

Work Terms

I'd prefer project payment to be paid in installments via the Guru Safepay system for mutually agreed milestones, which follows a demo of the respective milestone to the client. trying to keep project time to a minimum, but project business concept, work scope, and its complexity will determine the final turnaround time.