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Recruiting Done Right from Start to Finish!! iPlace is the Largest Company Providing Recruiting Services to US Firms from India

iPlace USA is a global recruiting company with headquarters in McLean, Virginia an international recruiting center in Pune, India. We provide professionally managed sourcing and recruiting services for American companies.

Because our sourcers and recruiters work from India, iPlace is one-third the cost of working with US-based contract sourcers and recruiters. However, our clients partner with iPlace because our quality is excellent.

Sometimes when people hear that our sourcers and recruiters work from India there is confusion about what iPlace does. In a nutshell, we help U.S. companies fill job openings in the U.S.. iPlace has nothing to do with bringing over people from India to work in the U.S.. Just like U.S. recruiters, iPlace finds people already in America for jobs in America.

iPlace’s full lifecycle recruiters perform end-to-end recruiting tasks that may include sourcing, candidate interviewing and qualification, negotiating pay rates, submitting formatted resumes with detailed candidate cover notes, and conducting reference checks. Full lifecycle recruiters work during the US dayshift (Indian nightshift) so they can interact with candidates in real time. Candidates are ready to be submitted to hiring managers without being re-interviewed. iPlace’s full lifecycle recruiters have international (US, Canadian, and/or UK) recruiting experience.

Our sourcers and recruiters have been trained on a wide variety of ATS platforms and many team members specialize in certain fields, geographies, and recruiting methodologies, from high volume VMS accounts to full lifecycle permanent placement recruiting. Our teams are well versed in both active and passive candidate sourcing and have been very successful in using social media and other new technologies to identify the right candidates for clients. Our focus is not submittals, but placements.

Call us to discuss your projects and your hiring needs and we will be glad to assist you.

Founded: 2006

Work Terms

Depending on the type of project, we can customize the work terms and payment terms. Depending on the requirement and the longevity of the project, we can work on the following terms

Monthly Retainer:
You pay us a fixed monthly fee for our recruiting services. You will get a dedicated recruiter that you can utilize across all your hiring needs. We will provide all the recruiting tools like active and passive job boards, ATS etc. This is ideal if you have a constant hiring need and you recruit through the month. Depending on the skill required, a recruiter can typically handle anywhere from 5-12 job openings per week.

Hourly Retainer
If you have a one-time hiring project or if your job volume is low, this is an ideal model. It offers all the services of a monthly retainer service with the flexibility of hourly work.

Success Basis
We can also work on a success basis. Under this model, we get paid for success and we make money only if we make a placement.