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  • Mvc
  • JavaScript
  • API
  • ASP
  • jQuery
  • AngularJS
  • C#
  • Ecommerce
  • JSON
  • Mvc
  • OAuth
  • Access
  • API Development
  • Business Requirements

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  • Asp.Net Mvc Development

    $15/hr Starting at $100

    I am a seasoned mvc developer having worked since the first release to the latest one i.e mvc 5. I have built mvc applications for the insurance and ecommerce industry. I have been involved... MvcEcommerceEcommerce IndustryEntity Framework
  • Asp.Net Web Api Development

    $15/hr Starting at $100

    I have developed restful web api for corporations which served the as the backend of angular applications. I am well versed with the entire web api request pipeline that can customize/replace/add components...

    APIAPI DevelopmentASPASP.NETBusiness Requirements
  • Integration External OpenId Providers

    $15/hr Starting at $100


  • Security with OAuth2 and OpenId Connect

    $15/hr Starting at $100

    I have implemented security of applications and web api using OAuth2 and OpenId Connect. In particular we used json web token (jwt) to set up secure access to the web api accessing it from server side...

  • Stripe Integration

    $15/hr Starting at $100

    I have integrated stripe payment with custom form for an ecommerce site. Additionally I have setup subscription based payments for a consulting company.

    ConsultingEcommerceOnline Payments
  • AngularJS Development

    $15/hr Starting at $100

    I have developed several mid to large angularjs projects. My most recent project was a process designer for insurance agents calling into web api



Solve business problems and improve business flows through the use of information technology. Always thinking about how technology can save time add value.

I'm an orchestrator albeit for software.

I've been playing on the keyboard for close to a decade; mostly with the DotNet Ecosystem.

I believe in standing firmly on the shoulders of giants. They act as a good base ;-)

For purists I have a Master Degree in Electrical and Computer Engineering from USA.

Work Terms

I am available to work full time or per project basis as needed.