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  • JavaScript/TypeScript Development

    $55/hr Starting at $500 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I offer expert JavaScript/TypeScript development and consultation services for creating scalable, high-performance web applications. With proficiency in modern frameworks like React, Angular, and Node.js,...



Senior JavaScript/TypeScript Developer

Hello! I'm a dedicated JavaScript/TypeScript developer with a keen eye for design and a passion for crafting seamless user experiences.

🛠️ Skills:
- Languages: Proficient in HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript (ES6+), and TypeScript.
- Frameworks/Libraries: Experienced with modern JavaScript frameworks/libraries such as React/Next.js, Vue.js/Nuxt.js, Ember.js, and Astro.js, etc
- CSS Preprocessors: Familiar with Sass, Less, Tailwind CSS, and Bootstrap for efficient styling.
- Responsive Development: Skilled in responsive mobile site development to ensure optimal user experience across devices.
- Optimization: Knowledgeable in cross-browser compatibility and performance optimization techniques.
- Build Tools: Proficient in frontend build tools including Webpack, Babel, npm, and Yarn for efficient development workflows.
- Testing: Experienced in testing methodologies using Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, and Chai to ensure code quality and reliability.
- Version Control: Familiar with Git commands and proficient in using GitHub/Bitbucket for version control and collaboration.
- API Integration: Experienced in working with RESTful APIs and asynchronous programming for seamless data exchange.

My journey in web development began with a fascination for the transformative power of JavaScript in shaping the modern web. Over the years, I've immersed myself in frontend technologies, continuously learning and adapting to new trends in the industry. I thrive on taking on new challenges and contributing to innovative projects that push the boundaries of what's possible on the web.

I'm always excited to collaborate on new projects and lend my expertise to help bring creative ideas to life. Whether you're looking to enhance your existing web presence or embark on a new venture, I'm here to support your web development needs.

Thank you for visiting my portfolio!