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  • Chemical Engineering
  • Chemistry
  • Product Development
  • Metallurgy
  • Technology
  • Analysis
  • Business Process Optimization
  • Corrosion Protection
  • Market Analyst
  • Product Design
  • Thermodynamics
  • Analytics
  • Chemical Ecology
  • Circuit Design
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  • Chemistry & Lithium Battery Expert

    $75/hr Starting at $150 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Creative, highly knowledgeable, respected Chemistry Consultant & Lithium Battery Expert, Ph.D. in electrochemistry with 27 years of comprehensive experience developing research, engineering and business...

    AnalysisAnalyticsBusiness Process OptimizationChemical EcologyChemical Engineering


Creative Ph.D in Chemistry & Lithium Battery Expert with 27 years of experience developing research, engineering projects will provide effective scientific, engineering & business solutions

Experience and Achievements:

- PhD in Chemistry (Electrochemistry)
- Successfully designed and synthesized new advanced inorganic materials for battery electrodes and solid electrolytes, provided comprehensive electrochemical characterization
- Synthesized a new lithium conducting solid electrolytes (LSE) in the system Li2O – La2O3 – MxOy with electric conductivity higher than that of LISICON
- Designed and fabricated functional prototypes of lithium Solid State Batteries with the new LSE
- Excellence in performance of Consulting Services in chemistry, technology and chemical engineering
- Delivery the best technological solutions in electric batteries, composite materials, precision alloys, surface treatment, chemical processing and resource saving technologies to international customers: USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Japan, China, Taiwan, Kazakhstan
- Acknowledgement in the creation of Lithium recovering and processing technology for a new production plant, developing flow chart and identifying the effective technological equipment and elaborated successful strategic business plan
- High Technological Proficiency
- Award-winning Marketing Specialist of US Foreign Commercial Services for the outstanding support of USDA programs in Russia

Superior Project Expertise & Effective Problem Solution:

• Expertise of Customer’s project, technical requirements, technological or scientific problem to establish the best research / development strategy for the effective problem solutions;
• Scientific, technological, marketing research and analysis to identify products, technologies and business opportunities which are the most suitable for the Customer problem solutions
• Providing recommendations to the Customer for the best prospective scientific, technological / business solutions
• Delivery the effective scientific, technological and business solutions to the Customer for the successful implementation of the project

Work Terms

According to your Project tasks and requirements we are able to divide the Work into Milestones, and specify the Milestones names, the budget and the time required.

In my experience of working at the, Project budget varies from $ 100.00 to $ 5500.00.

I will also be able to perform consulting services for you on a hour basis if you like.

The estimated rate is $ 75.00 /hour

Proposed Work Plan for Technology and Problem Solutions:

- Preliminary analysis of a project, description of product, scientific, technological & business problems and expected results based on the Customer request
- Identifying of existing scientific technologies, materials and products that may solve the Customer problems
- Reviewing, analyzing, making evaluation of the scientific technologies, materials, products and finding the prospective solutions for the Customer problems
- Developing the most prospective technology / materials / product development strategy and delivery the results to the Customer