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  • HTML
  • TypeScript
  • CSS
  • CSS Javascript
  • E Commerce
  • Ethereum Wallet
  • Ethers.js
  • Figma
  • Front End Development
  • Git
  • Internal Framework
  • JavaScript
  • Maintenance
  • Performance Engineering
  • React

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  • ReactJS Front-end Web Development

    $30/hr Starting at $1K Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I'll build a fully responsive website using HTML, CSS / Tailwind CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, and ReactJS. I'll make the website faster by employing techniques for website speed optimization. I'll try...

    CSSCSS JavascriptE CommerceEthereum WalletEthers.js


Front-End Developer

As a highly skilled front-end developer, I have extensive expertise in React development, backed by a solid background in back-end and web3 development.

With 5 years of experience, I specialize in building robust front-end applications using React and Angular.
Additionally, I bring valuable experience in back-end development using technologies such as Node, and PHP. My proficiency in Solidity enables me to effectively contribute to blockchain and decentralized application projects.

Key skills:
Front-end Development: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, TypeScript, React, Next.js, Redux, Angular
Back-end Development: Node,, PHP
Web3 Development: Ethereum, Solidity, Alchemy, IPFS, Moralis, The Graph, Ethers.js, Wagmi

Thank you for considering my profile.