Jasper Valero

San Francisco, California, United States

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Jasper Valero

Software Architect (JS, Node.js, AWS, Serverless)

I'm a long time veteran of the San Francisco Bay Area / Silicon Valley. I've worked for large public companies and small startups. I have experience at every level of Software Engineering up to and including Director. I bring solid technical skills and a strong ability to communicate.

My passion is JavaScript... frontend, server-side and serverless.

Please feel free to review my skills below. Contact me if you'd like to explore if I'm the right expert for your project. If not, I'll still make sure to provide some high-quality conversation as a thank you for your time and consideration.

My LinkedIn profile provides recommendations from CEOs, VPs, directors, peers, and employees who worked under my leadership. All information is verifiable and accurate. I can provide references upon request.

Most Used Skills:
• JavaScript (Modern, ES6+, Babel)
• React / React-Native / Redux
• Node.js (Serverless, Express.js, NPM, Yarn)
• AWS Lambda, S3, CloudFront (Certified Solutions Architect cert. in prog.)
• Alexa Skill Kit
• HTML5 (Browser APIs)
• CSS3 (SASS, LESS, Responsive, Multi-Device, Screen Resolutions)
• Modern Packaging (Webpack / Gulp / Grunt)
• CLI Utilities (Commander.js, etc.)
• Continuous Integration / Deployment (CI/CD)
• Version Control (Git, workflows, PRs, GitFlow, orgs, setup, admin)
• Code Quality (linters, style guides, code review, refactoring, monitoring, alerting)
• Unit Testing (Jest, Enzyme, Mocha, Sinon.js, Lambda functions)
• Architecture (diagrams, flows, frontend, backend
• Databases (SQL, NoSQL)

Popular Consulting Services:
• Architecture (Review, Design, 2nd opinions)
• Technology Stacks
• Leadership
• Management
• Training - Leadership, Management, 1:1s, Reviews, Engineering Management, Recruiting
• Data-Driven Product Development (A/B Testing, metrics, feedback loops)
• Lean (Insert X)
• Cloud Migration
• Engineering Culture
• Process (SDLC, Automation, Agile, Scrum, JIRA, Confluence, Documentation)

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