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  • Analytics
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  • Business Analysis
  • Computer Vision
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Management
  • Deep Learning
  • eLearning Development
  • JavaScript
  • Machine Learning
  • Modeling
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  • Data Science | Machine Learning | Cloud

    $20/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I will take up problem statements falling under the domain of 1. Data Science and Analytics Deliverable: As per the need, I can make anything needed from machine learning models to AI powered APIs Price:...

    AnalyticsAPI DevelopmentBusiness AnalysisComputer VisionData Analysis


Data Science and Machine Learning Expert

Hello, Let's Talk!

I am Highly productive and efficient with exceptional work ethics.
I am currently doing my Masters from IIT Varanasi, India. Although I am a student, I already have 2 years of experience of working in startups, with a profile of Data Scientist

Here you can find my portfolio:

These are some of my previous works
Predicting lethal pathogens using Deep Learning from Raman Spectra generated by the sample using convolutional neural networks. I did this project with Dr. V Ramanathan IIT Varanasi

2. Data Scientist and team lead at Heuroapp :
Made a computer vision-based product to give real-time feedback and developed machine learning models to predict the accuracy of the exercises
Got promoted from an analyst to a Data Scientist in two weeks of work

3. COVID 19:
- A separate machine learning algorithm(SIR model) is hardcoded in python, Scipy was used for solving intermediate differential equations which learn the social-contact structure
-Metric for comparison of the lockdown was done and a detail data analysis of the death rate and its impact on India is discussed
- Forecasting for the epidemic spread in India was done, and it was found that the strictness at which social distancing in India is done, is insufficient for the growth of COVID 19 and published a research paper on this model

4. Credit Card Fraud Detection: Imbalanced Classification problem using Excel
- Previously, work was done using oversampling and undersampling. Used SMOTETomek module and did hyperparameter tuning for having the best set of simulated Sample
- Hyperparameter tuning was done, and the Random Forest model was structured

5. Data analysis and predictions on global air pollution
- Data taken from EU open data portal, extensive data cleaning was required and 3D visualizations were done
- Metric was defined for clustering and judging measures taken by the country
- Predictive modeling was done and insights were drawn