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Roanoke, Virginia, United States

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Jennifer Eversole

We are a technology biased consulting firm providing advisory, consulting, and assurance services by delivering full stack framework solutions that solve everyday business challenges.

Our solutions span multiple perspectives across the organization to provide sustainable value for everyone touched by the challenge. Our process uncovers what success means from different viewpoints. This information is stacked to provide a framework that maps out the important things that need to be done to succeed.

Our advisors’ wide range of expertise crosses functional areas throughout most any organization. We provide advisory services to help uncover problems and preempt adversity. We offer consulting services help you find solutions to specific challenges. We provide assurance services to help you mitigate risk and strengthen your control environment.

Our name is rooted in technology, where a stack is a wide range of services layered to provide a framework for a solution. The layers are specialized, but complementary and interconnected. Management Stack advisors believe that consulting firms should operate the same way. We tackle business challenges by tapping into our advisors’ broad scope of expertise to create just the right framework, one that stacks the right answers from various perspectives across the organization into the solution. That means that the solution will provide sustainable value for everyone touched by the challenge, whether they are stakeholders, customers, or employees.

Our mission is simple: To cultivate workplace happiness. We are knowledge enthusiasts who stack knowledge, perspective, and innovation on top of the passion that you already have for your business. When these things collide in a big bang sort of way, radical transformations happen. A better business environment means that employees are happier. Happier employees are more productive, loyal, and engaged, which yields even more positive change. The cycle is never-ending. Everybody wins.

Founded: 2014

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