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John Nguyen, Visual Artist


I have a passion for visual storytelling. I consider myself a visual artist that uses everything at his disposal to bring about the most artistic, or entertaining (because they’re not always the same thing)...moving picture. And when the picture isn't literally moving, it still needs to move US.

I am an editor and motion graphics artist...but in this day and age, bringing about successful work, projects, videos and pieces requires you to be just as passionate about the skills of directing, producing, writing and design. And that, in a nutshell, is what I always strive for...to be good enough to do the work myself. Or (and this is better), to be smart enough to surround myself with people who are better than me and lead them to success. Either way, the project is king...the client or audience, and their love of the final project will always come first.

I should mention that along the way, with over 15 years dedicated to creative work, that I’ve picked up the skill and experience to slip into the role of agency marketing, creative direction, social media, animation, graphic design, and even sound editing. I originally started my schooling as a computer programmer...but by the time I graduated, my creative side had demanded all of my emotional attention. While I appreciated the knowledge I acquired working with code and the computer (ironically, one of the biggest assets to my development as an artist) I couldn't help but end up with a design degree instead. Once in the workforce, I developed into a computer artist...first through print design and web design...then 3D animation...and then finally, non-linear editing and motion graphics for film and video.

At the end of the day, I feel that I would be able to bring my experience and passion to the table in a great many cases. I look forward to discussing any opportunities for us to work together.