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  • Data Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel Dashboards
  • Analytics
  • Dashboard
  • Excel
  • Ms Excel
  • Ms Excel Pivot Tables
  • Reports
  • SQL
  • Dashboard Design
  • Data Management
  • Amazon
  • Data Modeling
  • Design
  • Excel Programming

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  • Designer Dashboards Excel or any BI App

    $55/hr Starting at $450 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Josh has designed some of the most famous Dashboards in the world. Stunning, Insightful and Compelling Dashboards for your Clients or Executives. Accurate Data Analysis & Modeling backed by Statistical...

    AccessAccess ProgrammingAnalysisAnalyticsBig Query
  • Power BI Reports, Dashboards, Data Model

    $85/hr Starting at $550 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Top Notch and Compelling Dashboards, Reports, with Data Modeling from all data sources using Power Query and DAX expressions to build powerful models. Have created Power BI dashboards for various industries,...

    AnalyticsDashboardDashboard DesignData AnalysisData Management
  • Google Data Studio Reports & Dashboards

    $50/hr Starting at $450 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    10 years of outstanding experience in Google Data Studio. Best Freelancer to hire for Data Analysis, Compelling Reports and Dashboard, with Statistical Data Modeling from all data sources i.e. Text /...

    AnalyticsDashboardDashboard DesignData AnalysisData Management
  • E-Commerce Reports, Dashboards, & Apps

    $65/hr Starting at $450 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Best E-Commerce Report Expert and Freelancer to Hire for your Key Metrics and KPIs like Churn, MRR, Repeat Rate, CLTV (Customer Lifetime Value) etc. that answer critical questions for your business from...

    AmazonAmazon APIAmazon Mws ApiAmazon Web ServicesAPI
  • Tableau Dashboards

    $125/hr Starting at $450 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Amazingly beautiful dashboards utilizing Tableau's full capabilities in Data, SQL, and Visualizations. Whether you're looking for a personal project or an Enterprise deployment, Asad a.k.a. Josh is one...

    Business Process AutomationDashboard DesignData AnalysisData ManagementData Visualization
  • KlipFolio Dashboards and Data Management

    $65/hr Starting at $450 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    Beautiful and Insightful Dashboards, Klips, and Reports, with Data Modeling from all data sources including APIs to build data models. Expert level knowledge and expertise of all Klipfolio Formulas and...

    AmazonAPIDashboardData AnalysisData Management

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The Best or Nothing! World class expert of Data, Systems, Networks, Security, Project Governance, Business Intelligence, Management Consulting.

Josh is an IT veteran with over 20 years experience in Systems, Networks, Security, Contact Centers, Project Management, Data Analysis/Science, Business Intelligence Reporting and Dashboards, and Technology Advisory.

With hard-work, dedication, innovative approach, and high quality of work, Josh was able to deliver outstanding projects some of which are cited by Wall Street Journal bloggers and Microsoft Most Valuable Professionals in their books and training materials.

Josh has world class testimonials from key decision makers of medium to large organizations in industries like Technology, Real Estates, Insurance, Finance, Manufacturing, Automobiles, Airlines, Banks, Telecoms, and Contact Centers.

Josh clearly stands out from the crowd in:
- Accuracy of Requirements Analysis
- Stellar Communications
- Timely Delivery and Support from start till the end

You get the Best-in-Class and Unmatched work quality in all respects. You'll save money and stress paying for less expert hours than paying for more novice hours wasting your time and money.

Founded: 2012

Work Terms

Available from 4 AM - 6 PM US Eastern Standard Time.

Full compliance in terms of:

- Non-Disclosure Agreements
- Data Confidentiality esp. GDPR compliance
- Non-Competitive Practices
- Telecommunications - Skype, Zoom, Slack, Google Chat, WebEx etc.