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  • Travel writer, photographer, food critic

    $11/hr Starting at $50 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    With the world being more accessible than ever these days, it is my desire to make people believe that they can travel. Many people feel that travel is something reserved for the elite: celebrities, famous...

    Content WritingCreativeCultural ManagementEnglish LanguageFood & Beverage


Passionately freeing people to travel EVERYWHERE and eat ANYTHING.

Hello and Welcome! My name is Julyana and I'm here to scream from the rooftops that the world is your oyster. I grew up in Connecticut, to a humble family of Brazilian Immigrants. We were blue-collar, so no epic travels were done on spring breaks. But I always felt that despite all that, my parents had a sense of adventure. After all, they had been brave enough to make it to the States! So I grasped that inspiration with all my might and thus my travels began. I moved myself down to Miami and lived there for two years, but I didn't know how to plan myself financially yet, so I ended up having to return to my parent's house. I FAILED. That experience was so singularly humbling that I vowed I would master the art of traveling if it was the last thing I did! Two years later I packed up my car and drove across the country to beautiful San Diego. Now keep in mind, I was alone. I had no family, friends, or even a place to stay. But I knew that I could make it. And I did! And not only did I survive, I was able to travel too! All with a minimum wage job, no particular connections, no degree, and a hefty amount of student loans. I now live about a block away from the beach, but I meet San Diego NATIVES (with all the family, friends, and connections in the world) that don't believe they can live where I live. This blows my mind because it's so much easier than everyone thinks it is. So with that, it has become my passion to create content on all the opportunities that are available to average people like me, who once thought they had to spend forever in one place. I also enjoy honoring my Brazilian heritage (where everything from feet to ears are eaten) and spreading knowledge on incredible, "weird" food, and how delicious it can be! Thank you so much for all the interest and support!
Julyana Moraes

Work Terms

My hours are flexible and I can work with several time zones. Payment works differently with each piece, but I am comfortable with both hourly pay or a total sum for content. My email is the best way to contact me if you are interested in reaching out.