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  • Web Development

    $25/hr Starting at $100

    Full stack PHP and Node.js development. Custom Wordpress installations and themes. PSD to HTML or Wordpress conversions.

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Innovate. Redefine.

I am an experienced web developer with over 15 years in the industry and my work has never been more exciting nor rewarding than in this current golden age of development!* Working closely with a multitude of businesses in different industries has given me to opportunity to build future-ready, public web presences and internal web-based apps tailored to each of their industries needs and expectations while helping them realize optimized workflows, increased productivity, and better sales margins. My passion lies in coding this robust and easy-to-use web software for both the server and the client. Javascript/ES with Node.js is currently my primary focus, though I still work heavily with PHP. If you are looking for a driven individual with great ideas and foresight who will bring a fresh perspective to your team, or if you just need a rad developer to build something awesome for you, I'm your guy.

* With evergreen browsers featuring robust, standards-based rendering engines, we have the ability to use new CSS features like grid and flexbox for layout, new ES features for enhanced interactivity, and all of the fantastic new elements that HTML5 has gifted us. Plus, we've got shims and polyfills to make sure things continue working with browsers that don't natively support them. Even better? The last of the non-evergreen browsers are finally starting to expire! With git repositories to keep track of our code history and unit testing to help guarantee the things we build are working properly, the development workflow has never been so organized and optimized. What a time to be alive!

Work Terms

Business hours vary. Weekday availability is generally 10am-8pm.

A down payment is required for all services to be rendered; percentage/rate varies depending on the terms.