Kris Cooper

Springville, Utah, United States

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Kris Cooper

I am passionate about creating quality artwork for professionals.

Kris Cooper has been a freelance illustrator for 11 years. After falling in love with digital media in 2008, most of his work today is done digitally, though he maintains his traditional supplies out of nostalgia. Some of his early clients included the Legend of the Five Rings trading card game, Ask Mr Robot, Guter Punkt publishing.

That is my official professional blurb. Honestly, I prefer a more direct box of text underneath the formal stuff, where I can say in a straightforward manner who I am and what I'm about. I've spent most of my adult life illustrating fantasy and sci-fi characters and scenes for a random variety of people, and I love what I do for work. I love to illustrate. I get excited about the projects I accept, and try to avoid accepting commissions that I can't get a little stoked about--for both, the sake of the client and myself. I'm religious about hitting my deadlines, working with art directors and not being a jerk about revisions. While I do draw lines at certain points if a client is requesting exorbitant revisions on a project, I do try to be as flexible as is feasibly possible with the project's budget.

I love to illustration. Get in touch with me and sell me on your project :)

Work Terms

The beautiful thing about working with clients over the web is that there are no official hours of operation for me. I agree to deadlines I can meet and keep my clients updated regularly with the process as I move forward, the amount of updates depending on their preferences. I do prefer receiving payment via PayPal, but can be flexible.

Concerning revisions: There are many types of illustration jobs, and many of those jobs involve a process of revisions and communication between the client and myself. I'm aware of that, and I am as amicable and easy to work with as possible. Eliminating my ego from the equation is essential, and I do my best to use my skill-set to produce the vision my clients are hoping for. In certain situations I do need to take steps to protect myself, however. If I am working on a small job for less pay than I am accustomed to, I do need to retain more independence in the design and decision-making process. After assessing a potential job and before accepting it, I will agree to a set of terms with my client, so that neither of us feels surprised or uncomfortable by the direction the project goes.

Ultimately, my goal is to provide a satisfying, timely and professional set of work to clients, with little or no surprises.