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  • Adobe ColdFusion
  • AngularJS
  • API
  • Application Development
  • CSS
  • CSS3
  • Fusebox
  • jQuery
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Ms
  • MySQL
  • SQL


  • ColdFusion Web Application Development

    $50/hr Starting at $100 Ongoing

    Dedicated Resource

    I would like to build out a web application or an API for an individual or a company with a good business idea in mind. My main skills as off this day are: Front End: Bootstrap CSS3 AngularJSb

    Adobe ColdFusionAngularJSAPIApplication DevelopmentCSS


Let’s get it done!

My 14 years of experience as a software engineer have given me the opportunity to work on projects of all sizes. I have worked for several small companies and large sized software and technology companies. With my extensive background I am a one-stop resource for all your programming needs. I am interested in getting involved with software projects and sites and helping them to build a promising future of value and revenue.

I have the most experience with ColdFusion and MS SQL Server. I keep up to date on well established frameworks in ColdFusion and other languages. I spend much effort and time staying updated on all the newest technologies as they change so much on a day to day basis. My professional opinion is that in order to build a great application, the latest technology should be used on the front end - for example, CSS Bootstrap, AngularJS and jQuery. I prefer working with frameworks like ColdBox, Framework 1, Taffy and Fuzebox as opposed to sites who create their own framework that is difficult to maintain and deploy.

On a personal note, I love hockey and basketball ... I play in several adult leagues in the LA area. I also enjoy traveling and learning other cultures with my fiancee, over the past several years we visited Bali and Uganda. 2015 should be a great year, as I am getting married this year and starting my family.

Work Terms

I work from my home office in Los Angeles, CA. Thus, I am available for all kinds of communications: meeting in person if we’re neighbors, talking on the phone or any sort of online chatting such as skype, yahoo IM, g-chat, viber, etc. To start, I believe that complying with work flow parameters works best.

I look forward to hearing about your projects!

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