Laszlo Abraham

Cluj-Napoca, Cluj, Romania

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Laszlo Abraham

Physics, Data Science, Stock trading, Big Data, Machine Learning, Statistics, Mathematica (The Wolfram Language), Business and Artificial Intelligence, TensorFlow, BigQuerry, Graph Database

I am a physicist and an IT geek with more than 30 years experience. Hire me if you have (mainly) data acquisition / manipulation / conversion / visualization / analysis / fitting / modeling / simulation / predicting needs.

I can assist you in physics-mathematics problem solving, data mining and clustering, sentiment analysis, signal & image processing, business mathematics (especially stock exchange related), database building, as well as stand-alone program development, and responsive web page applications. Automated web data scraping, image recognition & OCR, predictive analytics, knowledge base building, expert systems and machine learning are my preferred jobs.

Working with Mathematica (the Wolfram Language) the World's best data crunching and algorithmic knowledgebase system ever, I could guarantee you the state of the art algorithms available and the shortest developing cycle on the market.

I am not only a programmer. I am a problem solver, an algorithm builder, a solution provider. My specialties are the challenging, research projects. If you have a stable algorithm, do not want to change it, and look for somebody to implement it, then I am not your man. But if you want to squeeze out from your data more and more value and always achieve a better accuracy and performance, then let's talk!

In a world where any person who could turn on a computer is a "specialist", and every freshman is an "expert", I'm only a humble, old dog. But I really can bite... Try me!

Work Terms

I prefer fixed price projects on milestones basis. Highly recommend an initial feasibility study, this avoids further bad surprises.

Expect from the client clear and complete specification in plain English (usual words, not in technical slang). You must tell me only what to do, I will choose my tools!

Do not take projects based on phantasmagorias like magic winning formula finding, universal knowledge base or chat robot building, artificial superintelligence nursing, etc. The Internet is plenty of ignorants or charlatans who will gladly promise you such things :).

Also, to be clear from the beginning, do not accept spamming or privacy invading application building jobs (like contact or emails grabbing, captcha eluding, etc), will not look for particular persons, accounts or profiles, nor I will crack webpages, codes or files. Apply to the NSA with these jobs :). For me, you must provide legal login credentials for any private web page or database you need to scrap.

For all my works I provide unlimited and free email & Skype support and lifetime bug fixes.