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    $200/hr Starting at $25 Ongoing

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    I am a human resources consultant with 25 years in global and domestic companies. I specialize in policy development, employee relations, talent acquisition, training, executive coaching, management...

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Human Resources Expert in both Global and Domestic Organizations

Flame Point Global Solutions (FPGS) is a human resources management company focusing on change strategy and implementation.
Organizational Change is inevitable.  However, most organizational change initiatives fail to deliver on the intended return-on investment.  Worst case, they leave organizations in turmoil and their employees demoralized.  At FPGS, our mission is to guide organizations to achieve successful change through commitment, motivation, and engagement of their people.   At the same time, we remain realistic to the complexity of change and the necessity to sometimes make and execute difficult decisions.
What makes FPGS different is that instead of focusing solely on “off-the-shelf” change management models, we combine these models with our real life operational expertise to provide solutions for today’s global, political, and economic environment.  Our approach defines and instills desired values, beliefs, and behaviors into the people within organizations, resulting in their support and commitment to affect the desired change.    At the same time, we identify and mitigate potentially costly risk.
Core to our methodology is the belief that effective change is sparked by leadership, then ignited rapidly through all ranks of employees.  Every person in an organization, from CEO to receptionist drives the change.  Effective and sustainable change initiatives have one thing in common – all people within the organization must believe, commit and be ambassadors to the change!
Lauren Hawkins, founder of FPGS is a specialist in strategy development and implementation for mid-cap, mid-size organizations facing rapid growth, turnaround, reorganization, or rightsizing.  Her expertise includes hands-on operational experience in executive human resources roles in global and domestic companies.  She has “lived” her advice, therefore her understanding goes beyond theory to execution.
Companies typically call on FPGS in the following circumstances:
Business is facing c

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