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  • Translation (English-French-Malagasy)

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    I can provide translation work in the following language pairs: English to French, French to English, English to Malagasy, Malagasy to English, French to Malagasy and Malagasy to French. I can provide...

    EditingEditing & ProofreadingEnglish LanguageEnglish TranslationFrench Translation
  • Editing (French and English)

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    I can provide high quality SEO contents in French and in English. I have worked as a content writer for a year now.

    EditingEnglish LanguageFrench TranslationSEO
  • Transcription (French and English)

    $8/hr Starting at $25

    I can handle transcription jobs, either in French or in English. I have developed my listening skills in French and in English thanks to my current job as a translator of video scripts.

    English LanguageFrench TranslationTranscriptionVideos


I provide high quality work.

I am a young Malagasy alumna. I majored in Accounting Sciences and Business Administration, at one of the greatest colleges in Madagascar, named INSCAE that stands in French for National Institute of Accounting Sciences and Business Administration. Then, in order to apply what I have learnt, I worked for two months for a private cabinet as an intern accountant. I also have an “Advanced 2 Certificate”, from English Teaching Program, a well-known institution closely linked to the United States Embassy in the island, following 3 years of English courses. Thus, I master English orthography, grammar, syntax, and vocabulary. The translation world is not new for me because I’ve been working as a translator and interpreter in an association in Madagascar for 2 years now. We translate publications, articles and videos from English to Malagasy. The English scripts and texts come directly from the association’s Headquarter in the United States. They contain information about a great variety of fields. We deal with life stories and experiences, dramatizations, nature descriptions, reports, medical information, songs, and Bible-based counsels for every category of people: elderly, adults, couples, parents, youths, and kids. Nevertheless, my French level is also excellent given the facts that French is the second language of the country and that French was the main language used in class, from primary school to college.
I currently work with some associates, and we offer freelance services: Translation, Writing and Transcription. Feel free to visit our website to get further information: