Linette Namelok Lepore

Nizhnij Novgorod, Nizhegorod, Russian Federation

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Linette Namelok Lepore

My mission;to bring value to YOUR(my client) proverbial table. My vision;to deliver content of the highest quality possible. My resolve;to input 0 or 100-nothing in between.

When you're a 23 year old almost doctor, no one cares that you're a singer, a sketch artist, a natural hair freak or even that you speak 4 languages thanks to your globe trotting curiosity. And they certainly don't bat an eye when you mention writing as your main "thing". No, when you're a 23 year old almost doctor, all anyone wants to know is why they've been blinking excessively for the past three days, why their stomach makes those noises everyday around the same time, and if you can recommend something new for their cons. Everyone assumes all I'm interested in is curing a disease. No one cares that I write or that I'm good at that. And that's perfectly OK, because what I do is not only to fix someone else' problem, it gives back to me too. If I made you feel, for a moment, like a 23 year old almost doctor who just wants to write then hire me!